What legacies will you leave as a CID Boss?

What legacies will you leave as a CID Boss?

The alleged A plus tapegate? Taadi kidnapped girls? Maase Mugabe arrest? Kwesi Nantakyi leaked statement? Ofosu Ampofo harassment? Ayawaso hoodlu

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The alleged A plus tapegate?
Taadi kidnapped girls?
Maase Mugabe arrest?
Kwesi Nantakyi leaked statement?
Ofosu Ampofo harassment?
Ayawaso hoodlums unchecked and still walking free?

Don’t allow yourself to become a sport in the hands of a transient political regime that report for duty in the morning and are replaced by the people at the polls in the evening;
hopefully every four years.

You have personal integrity to protect .
You have a family life to live and cater for, after work and in your retirement life.
Stop making future enemies for yourself, your family and descendants. Ghana’s political partisanship is a travelling and passing train that gathers people and drop them as and when the times and the season demand.

Those corrupt and morally unkept elements in our body politics will use you and damp you after achieving their aims.
May you never allow yourself to be used as a tool for political vendetta

I am one of your many secret admirers for you being a woman CID Director. I have a very clean perception of your person and always wish you to succeed in your professional work.
And I still do; not wavering in my conviction that you are a professional .

Its absolutely not strange to make enemies in your professional line of duty.
However, it is eternally awful when members of the opposition or those who appear diametrically opposed to the views of the government and party in power are dealt with in a swift manner as against those either related to the president or party in power

Examples abound,

Maase Mugabe was hurriedly invited by the CID as opposed to Prophet Owusu Bempah whose comments should have attracted same swift action

Prophet Owusu Bempah has said he knows the whereabouts of the kids but it is only President Akkufo Addo who can force him to disclose the whereabouts of the kids.
What has the CID done with these disclosures?

Prophet Owusu Bempah is alleged to have invaded a radio station xyz with thugs. What has been the outcome?

Record has it that the current CiD boss, your good self has said you know where the Takoradi girls are and they are fine . what has been the result?

Personally, I see you are making too much enemies for yourself , your family , your friends and love ones like some of us. Kindly pause and reconsider the repercussions of your actions .

For me I continue to admire your brevity but please consider the future..don’t allow the political class to toss you and fro

Parties will come and parties will go. You will have your integrity to protect. Holding unto your integrity will make you last.
Democratic policing requires that one is fair to the rules, adheres to the reasonable voices of the masses and act in a manner that your actions can be sustained in the sand of time
Look, the people who appear to be applauding your actions today will change their positions if the tables turn tomorrow.
But you have got to hold onto your professional integrity.
Remember your family and friends . please don’t let us down.
I ask again: what legacies will you leave as Female Director General of the CID of Ghana Police?

Fred Forson
PR Practitioner