Volta NDC’s ‘non-negotiable’ demand for a VP; suicidal and a recipe for disintegration

Volta NDC’s ‘non-negotiable’ demand for a VP; suicidal and a recipe for disintegration

Though I am a journalist, I have never hidden my admiration for the ideologies that form the foundations of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

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Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel, Volta Regional Correspondent, Awake News

Though I am a journalist, I have never hidden my admiration for the ideologies that form the foundations of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the party as a whole. That notwithstanding, my admiration for the NDC has never shrouded my judgment on issues of national interest or perhaps, anything that has to do with the NPP and the other political parties in Ghana, in my sphere of work – in fact, in my line of duty, I remain very objective.

Having declared my love and staunch support for the NDC, it is only fair to note that, anything that affects the NDC either positively or negatively has a bearing on my life. As a result, I’ve taken a keen interest in anything that had to do with the party in the last decade. Like any other group of persons and or human society, there has always been factions or possible alignment. To some extent, this faction is the [ads1]greatest weapon, if not well managed, can disintegrate or cause disaffection among members.

The NDC prior to the 2016 general elections, oversaw a deep division, though, not visible enough through the rank and files of the party. A key factor remains the outcome of the Parliamentary primaries held to select parliamentary candidates ahead of the general elections. It is therefore fair to say, this among many other factors, accounted for the defeat of the party at 2016 polls.

However, I am not ready to delve into that perspective, I believe the Prof. Kwesi Botwey report would have dealt with that. My greatest concern today has to do with the insensitive demand by the Volta block of the NDC that whoever becomes the flagbearer, must as a matter of imperative demand, pick a running mate from the region – as a form of compensation for their loss at the recent National Delegates Congress. I see this demand as being suicidal and a recipe for disintegration, that will push the party further away from the seat of government, at least, for another 4years.

As a party that prides itself as the front-runners in democratic values, this demand is not only disgraceful but also intimidating to whoever becomes the flagbearer to lead the party to the 2020 polls.

But again, one would ask, who is to blame for the partial blackout for Volta NDC in the just ended delegates congress?

Few of you would agree with me that, a lot of the contenders were wrong for the peculiar portfolios they contested.

If I were Koku Anyidoho, I would have known better that I have a better chance in 2022 than at this point, when Asiedu Nketia is still in the race for the General Secretary position. I am still baffled at his decision. As for Aunty Anita, the least said about her the better.

I would, however, pat Fred Agbenyo on his shoulders because he did everything humanly possible but was done hard by an emerging young man with full capabilities, vigor and a firebrand kind of personality a lot more of NDC members crave for. Sammy Gyamfi deservedly floored Fred Agbenyo, who is equally a good asset to the party, though in a sharp contrast to Sammy’s personality.

Having said all these, Koku would still have been part of the executives, if he had gone to be retained as an understudy to General Mosquito. Again, I ask you all who are crying foul today, to blame Koku and Aunty Anita, for their own downfall and by extension the ‘defeat’ of the Volta region, though I do not agree in wholesome, that the executives do not include members from the Volta region – indeed, a handful of the deputies are members from the Volta region.

Those of you who might have been suffering from amnesia, I would like to wake you up to the realization that, your demand could possibly tie down the hands of whoever becomes the flagbearer of the party come December. It is equally an affront to free will and choices. Your demand could create a bit of resentment among members from other regions/tribes across the country.

In the likely event that the party elects a flagbearer from the North, the Ashanti region, Greater Accra, Volta region and the Western region are areas of greater consideration. My enumeration of these regions is against the backdrop that we had both Mills and Amissah (both of blessed memories) from the central region, and it is unlikely to look for a running mate from here. I didn’t pick the Brong Ahafo either because of the host of party executives from this area of the country.

Again, having said all these, to further strengthen the democratic credentials and keep pace with the reorganization agenda of the party, it is wrong to be making this ‘insensitive’ demand at this point. I am not by this saying that the Volta region does not deserve good things.

In conclusion, I entreat the Volta block to back down on this demand in such an open and hurtful manner and devise a better means of lobbying for this but all important portfolio.

By: Abdul-Iddrisu Faisel

(The writer is a reporter with Awakenewsonline.com)