V/R: Botoku chieftaincy dispute; “I won, Registrar gave me 3 months to install a chief” – Togbe Atakorah

V/R: Botoku chieftaincy dispute; “I won, Registrar gave me 3 months to install a chief” – Togbe Atakorah

The embattled Manklado of Botoku and Acting President of Botoku Traditional Council, Togbe Atakorah has said the Registrar of Volta Regional House

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from (L) Somanya Linguist acting as Linguist for Togbe Atakorah and Togbe Atakorah, Makrado of Botoku

The embattled Manklado of Botoku and Acting President of Botoku Traditional Council, Togbe Atakorah has said the Registrar of Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Mr. Attipoe has given him three months to install a new Paramount Chief for the area.

According to Togbe Atakorah in an interview with Awake News he [ads1]was informed by the Registrar after a workshop for chiefs and elders at Anfuega in the Volta Region that “I won the case”.

When Togbe Atakorah was asked what about the installation of Togbe Sei II, he said there was no installation of any chief.

Speaking in an interview with Awake News, Mr. Attipoe denied ever telling the Togbe Atakorah that he has won the case he [Atakorah] brought before the Regional House of Chiefs and neither has he given any go ahead to him [Togbe Atakorah] to install a paramount chief.

Mr. Attipoe insisted that even a chief does not install a chief so he does not understand why Togbe Atakorah thinks he has the customary or legal right to install a chief.

“I want to make it clear that a chief does not install a chief”

According to Mr. Attipoe, after a workshop for some chiefs at Anfuga, he only called the him [Togbe] advised him to within three months “clear himself” of the confusion at Botoku as he [the registrar] was informed that he [Togbe Atakorah] is the being an impediment in the installation of new paramount chief.

“I only advise him to clear himself and stay away from the exercise”

Mr. Attipoe has since sent a strong warning to Togbe Atakorah not to make any attempt of installing any paramount chief until the case is over.


In April this year, the King markers of the Kledzasi Clan of Botoku announced a grand coronation of Mr. Nelson Mawuli Gbadagba as Togbe Sei II, Paramount Chief of Botoku Traditional Area.

The announcement and the plan to installed the Togbe Sei was met with though resistance from Togbe Atakorah who is the Manklado from the Kledjasi Clan.

Addressing a news conference in Ho, Torgbe Atakorah said the Kledzasi are not the right heirs to the throne as being presented.

“After the death of Togbe Tamtia V, the Kledzasi Clan, which claimed the Paramount Stool belonged to them, but was gifted to the Kpale Clan through dubious means, managed to take custody of the stool. This issue has been pending before the traditional council to find the most peaceful ways of resolving same when the Kledjasi Clan which has been uncooperative decided to install a Paramount Chief,” he said.

He said he declined to grant his approval for the installation when he was contacted, and that any attempt to crown an “imposter” as the Paramount Chief would disturb the peace currently being enjoyed by the people.

He, therefore, warned that people who have been invited to the occasion on Saturday against attending as tension heightens in the area.

“We wish to advise the general public and all guests, that there is total state of confusion in Botoku and we cannot guarantee the safety of the members of the public who may want to honour the invitation of the Kledzasi Clan to install a Paramount Chief.”

But the Kledzasi Clan insisted they are the right hair to the throne as the stool went astray to maternal side (Kpale Clan).

In an interview with the Mr. Gbadagba in April, her said “My brother, about 98 percent of the Citizens of Botoku are in support of my coronation. For over 14 years Botoku has been without Paramount Chief. It has been hell and made this town lawless”

He maintained that the Makrado took the case to the District Court at Kpando but lost.

In a twist of events, the Mankado has succeeded serving an interlocutory injunction on the Kingmakers at the last hour of the installation process with armed police officers surrounding the house of the kingmakers and taking away the three kingmakers to Volta Regional Police Headquarters for denying the injunction orders.

Though the Chief, Togbe Sei II was successfully installed according to the traditions of Botoku, the grand coronation wascanceledd pending the determination of the case at the House of Chiefs.

Togbe Atakorah at Botoku with Somanya Linguist:

Togbe Atakorah ina handshake, to his right, is the Somanya linguist with Somanya Linguist Stuff

Drama unfold at Botoku EP Church Auditorium when the Mankrado, Togbe Atakorah introduced a linguist of Somanya to the people of Botoku as his [Togbe Atakorah] linguist during a one-day educational workshop for Cheifs and elders in the Botoku Traditional Area.

The workshop which was addressed by the Volta Regional House of Chief Registrar, Mr. Attipoe was aimed at educating kingmakers, chiefs and elders of issues surrounding the chieftaincy law, line of succession and dispute resolutions.

Source: AwakeNewsOnline.com | Efo Korsi Senyo