Understanding the Raila Odinga’s decision: chronology of events in Kenya

Understanding the Raila Odinga’s decision: chronology of events in Kenya

Yesterday, the leader of main opposition party in Kenya, Mr. Raila Odinga has announced his decision to withdraw to the November 1, 2017 rerun ele

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Raila Odinga

Yesterday, the leader of main opposition party in Kenya, Mr. Raila Odinga has announced his decision to withdraw to the November 1, 2017 rerun election citing many events and making some demands which account to him were not met by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The Supreme Court annulled the result of the original 8 August poll, which saw Uhuru Kenyatta declared winner, after finding irregularities [ads1]and fixed November 1 for the rerun.

This is what a Kenyan shares at the wake of the decision by the Mr. Odinga and its implications for Kenya.

Chronology of events and what is to happen today, tomorrow, Thursday and on 01st November, 2017:

1. Jubilee started planning to rig 2017 polls right after fraudulently being declared winners at 2013 polls.

2. Little did they know that in their camp of rigging ring team, Raila had his own informers. They briefed him all through. The reasons why Uhuru would brag how already they won 2017 polls years even before 8/8/2017.

3. Raila was much aware the 2017 polls are going to be rigged. He prepared Musalia and Kalonzo adequately in advance. They made a pact. They knew the game plan.

4. During campaigns, Raila started collecting evidence of poll rigging secretly. He made sure Jubilee are not aware of this scheme by making public known that after 8/8/2017 he will not be going to the courts. He repeated this statement until it deeply sunk into Jubilee leadership and state security sleuths.

5. When polls opened, Raila intensified collecting evidence of elections fraud behind the scenes. Uhuru was declared the winner and Raila continued collecting evidence. For those who may not know, Raila had close to 200 lawyers and security experts who collected evidence nationwide without attracting Jubilee hawk eyed sleuths.

6. As preparation to swear in Uhuru were ongoing at Kasarani stadium, Raila was busy putting together his petition dossiers. All this were happening right within his private residential compound. There was fully fledged secretarial office in Raila’s compound. Raila succeeded in keeping the entire work off Jubilee eyes.

7. Just 2 days to the deadline of filing petition, Raila makes a statement that he is headed to the courts. Jubilee swipes jokes against the name of Raila and wondered how he will collect evidence within a span of 48hrs. Jubilee had prepared to meet Raila on streets and kill as many Kenyans as possible through protests then hand over Raila to ICC. Jubilee continued preparing to meet Raila in streets as Raila was busy preparing to meet Jubilee in supreme court.

8. The last day to file petition comes. The entire day, Raila does not show up at supreme court to file a petition. Jubilee MPS start mocking Raila. At around 9PM, Raila arrives at supreme court with a lorry canter fully loaded with poll rigging evidence. Petition filing goes up to past mid night. This gets Jubilee off the mark. Raila surprised the entire nation.

9. Supreme court, nullifies Uhuru’s win. Jubilee machinery goes into frenzy of insulting Judiciary and Raila. Raila remains unmoved. Raila then issues terms under which he will participate into the repeat polls. Raila says, failure to address the irreducible minimums, THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS. Jubilee laughs off as a silly joke.

10. IEBC fails to enact irreducible minimums. By the way, Raila expected to go this way. Today, Raila withdraws from the repeat polls. Instead of Jubilee celebrating, they are mute. I thought they should since they have been bragging that once Raila withdraws, they will sworn in Uhuru immediately. They know the legal implications. Raila now calls for FRESH PRESIDENTIAL POLLS within 90days. Meaning, parties will have to nominate candidates in a new way. This opens a window where Raila may endorse Musalia Mudavadi to battle out with Uhuru at the next fresh polls. But this DEPENDS ON THE PREVAILING CIRCUMSTANCES.

11. In case Raila decides to name Musalia as the NASA flag bearer, it will wash down all the gains Uhuru has made in Luhyaland. All Luhya leaders who had decamped to Uhuru’s train will have to make an abrupt about turn and support Musalia. This will also bring in the ugly angle of rift valley politics where Gideon Moi will be forced to back Musalia because of the blood relation the 2 family enjoys. This will mark the end of Jubilee regime in Kenya. Making Ruto the official opposition leader.

Now, this evening Kalonzo Musyoka is to fly out to address an European senate.

Tomorrow, Raila jets out to give key international address.

Thursday, Musalia Mudavadi to fly out too to Europe to meet certain administration.

Come 01st November, 2017, NASA will then launch fresh presidential election in Nairobi, Kenya.

I thought Moi was the only professor of politics. Today we have the mightier professor of politics in Raila Amollo Odinga.

May the good God bless Kenya!