I laughed at first because I thought people will join me to laugh at the madman. Then I saw many Nigerians actually supporting him for making s

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Firsts Baba Isa (FBI) is Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja

I laughed at first because I thought people will join me to laugh at the madman.

Then I saw many Nigerians actually supporting him for making such a statement because they consider it the truth.

I was impressed with such honesty. In fact I was shocked, though I still didn’t agree with their acceptance of Trump’s truth.

Then something hit me. All these people supporting Trump don’t get it. They don’t get it at all.

They have been going around shouting, “Yes it’s the truth, Nigeria is a shithole, fix it. Africa is a shithole, let’s get angry and fix it!”

Chineke! They are missing the truth in the Trump shithole utterance! Is this deliberate or some sort of diabolical buffoonery?

Oya, gather round. Let’s look at Trump utterance again.

First, Donald Trump made that statement in a meeting where immigration issues were being discussed: he said he doesn’t want immigrants from Haiti and African shitholes.

Did you get that background? Good.

And you think he is referring to Africa as a territory? No! Do African territories travel to America for studies, vacation, medicals, etc? Has the American Green Card ever been applied for by Ghana, Nigeria or Libya? No. It is Ghanaians, Nigerians and Libyans that apply. People apply for American visas not countries.

Trump knows that Africa as a continent is loaded and blessed with natural resources. Most of these resources are untapped and untouched, buried deep in the ground; you can say they are buried in a HOLE.

Yes, we have not been able to extract these buried blessings to better our lot. So when Trump says shithole, he knows exactly what he is talking about. He could have said GOLDHOLE, Crude-oil-hole, Opportunity-hole; because there is nothing wrong with a Hole. It’s just what the hole is bringing out at the moment that matters.

For Trump, it is shit that comes out from Africa. He said we are all shit. Period. So, all of you celebrating Trump that he said the truth, I hope you know what that means. The man says you, your parents, spouses and children are pieces of shit. You can’t even debate this because, as I have shown you, he made that comment in protest that he doesn’t want humans from our country to come to America. How far? Should we still celebrate him?

You are there shouting fix Nigeria, fix Nigeria. The Twitter President of America wasn’t referring to any Nigeria; he was referring to Nigerians, you.

As far as Trump is concerned, even our Nigerian and African brothers in America are all pieces of shit. What I don’t know is if they are watery shit or hard shit; maybe we should ask DT.

Now someone might say, “Ok FBI, I agree he was referring to humans not just territories, but I think he was referring to our leaders who have plundered our country.”

We you kee kwayet? So you were not informed too? Ok. Kontinu.

For the umpteenth time, that statement was made in protest against immigrants from Africa. And you still don’t know why that statement couldn’t be referring to our leaders? Let me tell you: there is no African President, Governor, legislator or even mayor that cannot comfortably enter and live in America during or after their tenure. No one. Abi them dey learn work for looting?

So it’s you and your family members that are busy applying for student visa, medical visa, phone charging visa, green card, blue card, indigo card to enter US that he said he doesn’t want. Ladies and gentlemen you are the shit from the shithole. Breathe that in.

So what’s my point?


My point is we should all condemn that racist bigot occupying the White House. It is gory to see Africans trying to justify the fact that Donald Trump who is the son of an immigrant called us and our home a shithole!

Are we so lost in low self esteem that we consider an insult from a white man a compliment or wake up call?

Stop talking about truth. What truth? Even the Bible admonishes us to speak the truth in love. That means the truth can be spoken in hate. Which kind yeye truth be that? Somebody insulted us and you are talking about truth.

If you have a child or spouse who is suffering from a disease that makes their mouth smell, you will know it. Even if you are struggling or neglecting to take care of them, will you be happy if someone calls them “smelling mouth” in the name of telling you the truth?

How won’t you make excuses for DT because he is a whiteman and the president of America. If it is another tribe in Nigeria that insults your tribe now, you will start shouting that you want your own country.

Well, you can go ahead and continue thanking Donald Trump for calling you and your home a shithole. As for me and my household we are not shitholes. My country is not a shithole. We have our challenges and we shall surely rise above them.

by Firsts Baba Isa (FBI) is Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja.