Time For Police Jezebel, Tiwaa Addo Danquah To QuitCID Boss, Tiwaa Addo Danquah

Time For Police Jezebel, Tiwaa Addo Danquah To Quit

Once again the stubborn Jezebel has not disappointed! She has insensitively and brazenly fooled the nation to divert serious attention from the greate

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Once again the stubborn Jezebel has not disappointed! She has insensitively and brazenly fooled the nation to divert serious attention from the greatest scandal ever in the history of our country, the PDS scam.

“You know they are your own people, we need to protect them. I need to make the government look good”,

these were some of the words of the current shameful director general of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service, Madam Mame Yaa Tiwaa Addo Danquah in a phone conversation with NPP’s Kwame A-Plus.

Ever since this woman was mysteriously forced into that position, the CID has never seen any professionalism in its conduct. It became a conduit for covering up political scandals especially in this government. It became a lawless leviathan that even had the temerity to disobey the law courts.

Needless to mention though, we are taken for granted every time there is a scandal in this country. The CID somersaulted every evidence to turn a stinky situation smell like a perfume from Paris. They have cleared everything from Korle-Bu to the Jubilee House. They have specialized in snatching criminals from the jaws of the law as they recently did in the case of Charles Bissue, a Jubilee House appointee who was clearly caught on camera taking bribe. The proverbial Special Prosecutor had to take to public to protest the unprofessional conduct of Tiwaa Addo Dankwa’s CID.

At a time when the government has been caught embarrassingly red handed in another day light robbery the magnitude of which was never seen or heard of in Ghana, Tiwaa Addo Dankwa has thrown a cat among pigeons ostensibly to douse the flame that is consuming her culpable government she swore to make look good in any circumstance. This lady has been given the carte blanche to mesmerize intelligence and behave like a bull in a China shop in this country. She fears no one as long as she remains committed to clearing corrupt appointees of this corrupt Nana Addo administration of guilt.

However the shame brought on the police service in the current announcement of the discovery of the corpses of the Takoradi girls whom the same CID boss told us were safe at where she knew they were is too catastrophic to let go this time. The nation must not be rendered powerless in the hands of a shameless reckless woman who had no cultural morals left in her veins. The time has come for her madness to be blotted out of the annals of the Ghana Police Service. One would have taught that having goofed with this matter twice already, an announcement of this magnitude should have been carefully made by the Inspector General of Police himself.

We must rise to stop this snake in her tracks before she tears the country apart. It is unbearable the kind of mental and moral torture she visits on us regularly. Our security is no more guaranteed with her kinds signing files in the police headquarters. At this rate even DSP Azugu can be become the Minister of Interior. Fellow Ghanaians let us take our sovereignty back from these marauding elephants!


Thank you.

Yours As Usual
The Binduri Youth _Activist
Dauda Assibid