The cry of a voter from Brong Ahafo

The cry of a voter from Brong Ahafo

I strongly believe Nana Addo, Bawumia and his NPP planned and executed the DKM, God is Love and other fun club's disaster in Brong Ahafo. [ads1

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File photo: Some DKM customers

I strongly believe Nana Addo, Bawumia and his NPP planned and executed the DKM, God is Love and other fun club’s disaster in Brong Ahafo.

[ads1]They planned, executed and made fortunes from it for their campaign and are now rewarding the wicked people behind it.

Bawumia and His boss lied to us, deceived us for the votes of the poor innocent customers of these financial institutions and fun clubs.

Yes it happened during our era as a government but measures were taken to curtail the disaster as well as special liquidator appointed to start refunding the deposits to the customers but still Nana Addo said John Mahama was wicked and promised pay the customers in full.

Today am in B/A, Berekum to be precise and the anger of the masses is rising. Rising slowly like a leaked gas and getting saturated ready for explosion.

Today the Finance Minister told us the collapsed DKM and other 127 institutions that operated as fun clubs in B/A which the then-candidate Nana Addo promised to pay it’s customers in full can’t be found in their manifesto.

The former Brong Ahafo Regional minister, Hon. Asoma Chermeh who was the lawyer for the aggrieved customers in 2016 is now the owner of the magnificent edifice that housed the DKM headquarters in Sunyani.

Major Derrick Oduro, Deputy Defense Minister is also a proud owner of a radio station that belongs to Jasta motors one of the collapsed fun clubs in Nkoranza.

The current DCE for Kintampo South Mr. Alex Gyan who was the former manager of “God is love” fun club in Kintampo who used depositors money to campaign for Nana Addo and enjoyed the rest with his family has been rewarded by Nana for being smart by defrauding his own people and using the money for his campaign for him to be President.

Today the former Regional Minister whom his vice Chairman Abronye called a thief and his Aide Maxwell Mahama also retaliated and called Abronye a goat is telling us there is no way our monies could be retrieved for us.

These were the people who wickedly developed a business plan to steal our monies for their campaign. They defrauded the poor peasant farmers in Brong Ahafo and today are rewarding themselves in government.

These were the people who wickedly by their actions made lot of people to lose their lives because of their greediness and thirst for power.

These were the very people today who sacked the leadership of the aggrieved customers from their offices when they were visited to find out the steps taken to get their monies as promised by the President.

These were the people who yesterday hid behind the problems they mischievously created to finance their campaign to win sympathy votes as well from the millions of customers and their families.

Today the problems they created have eaten into our banking sector now resulting to the collapse of our banks.

Those who don’t believe Nana Addo, Bawumia, Gabby and his cartels created the DKM saga should not forget how President Kuffour won the 2000 election.

They should ask Nana Addo and Bawumia, why they have become silent on the DKM and God, is love issues.

To win sympathy from the masses in 2000, they went to Togo carry dead bodies of women dumped them openly in Accra to create fear and panic in the country to portray that there was ritual killing by NDC and a break in security.

Truly they won our sympathy and won the elections.

Today we the Youths wouldn’t sit for this nonsense that happened for its beneficiaries to be insulting us that those who complain of hardship in Ghana today which they caused are either lazy or wizards.