Sammy Gyamfi Explodes, Shuts Up The Entire NPP; Exposes Nana AddoSammy Gyamfi

Sammy Gyamfi Explodes, Shuts Up The Entire NPP; Exposes Nana Addo

In a well researched, comprehensive statement presented to the press at the MOMENT OF TRUTH forum at the NDC Headquarters, the National Communication

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In a well researched, comprehensive statement presented to the press at the MOMENT OF TRUTH forum at the NDC Headquarters, the National Communication Officer of the NDC Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi has brought to the attention of the mainstream media and Ghanaians in general, President Akufo-Addo and his government’s complicity in the Menzgold saga. Apart from the authentic documents and pictorial evidence, lawyer Gyamfi used analogies to support his assertions to the admiration of his audience including the journalists.

He said, they have followed the Menzgold saga and are extremely worried about the challenges the customers are going through. On behalf of the NDC, lawyer Sammy Gyamfi assured the customers of the party’s unwavering support and pledged the party’s support to ensure that Government retrieves and restore their losses.

He said the NDC is extremely disturbed and disappointed with government’s handling of the Menzgold sage. He condemned the government’s insensitive, irresponsible and unconscionable stance on the matter.

He said after carefully analyzing the facts of the Menzgold saga, they have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Akufo Addo government is responsible for the mess the customers find themselves. He said facts gathered and authentic information available expose government’s complicity. Therefore the government cannot feign ignorance of the events that have led the situation Ghanaians to find themselves today.

He said President Akufo Addo is part of the Menzgold problem so must be part of the solution. According to the Communication boss of the NDC, President Akufo Addo’s endorsement of NAM1 fraudulent activities through his secret dealing with him, his government conferring awards on him, his ministers traveling with him and projecting his business, according him full VVIP treatment, made his business and activities attractive to the public and aroused the public’s interest in his business. He said, although government knew that Menzgold and its CEO were engaged in illegal business, the President and his government acknowledged Nana Appiah Mensah as a genuine businessman and conferred many awards on him including a QUALITY BUSINESS AWARD. In order words, the ministry of finance which is headed by the President’s cousin, Ken Ofori-Atta, in collaboration with EFG awarded Menzgold as one of the best companies in the Gold Assaying &Monumental Coins Industry. Therefore it is ultimate hypocrisy for the same Ken Ofori-Atta whose Ministry collaborated with EFG to confer the award on Menzgold which made the company attractive to the public, to turn round and insult the customers as GREEDY PEOPLE said lawyer Sammy Gyamfi.

He also mentioned Menzgold’s dealings with Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo’s foundation. In March 2018, the first lady’s foundation partnered NAM Mission a company belonging to Nana Appiah Mensah to embark on a medical outreach program in some part of the country. Among the thousands of humanitarian organizations in the country, the first lady settled on NAM1’s foundation. It was also revealed that Nana Mensah sponsored the NPP in the 2016 election and the mother once held the position of women’s organiser in her constituency.

According to the Communication Capo, the NDC and many Ghanaians believe that Government and our Security agencies aided Nana Appiah to flee the country. He questioned why EOCO failed to seize NAM1’s passport in spite of all the information some Menzgold workers and customers furnished it and being aware that has a private jet. He questioned why EOCO allowed NAM to breach its bail conditions, why he was granted self-recognizance bail when it seizes passports of persons involved in less serious cases. He also questioned why the security agencies failed to place strict surveillance on the man.

He said, contrary to the claim by the government, there is no material distinction between the DKM matter and the Menzgold saga. He described the government’s position that it has no responsibility to Menzgold customers as hypocritical. He said just as DKM was licensed by BOG, Menzgold was licensed by the Mineral Commission of Ghana. He asked the government to apply the same principle they pushed with regards to the DKM/ God is Love saga.

He said, regulatory bodies do not only regulate companies registered under therm, but they also regulate activities that fall under their jurisdiction. He pointed that out to rubbish government’s stance that it owes no responsibility to the Menzgold customers because the company was not licensed by the BOG and SEC.

The NDC is challenging President Akufo Addo, the NPP and EOCO to explain whose interests they were protecting when they allowed NAM1 to walk around with his passport when they allowed him to operate his accounts, use his jet and enjoy VVIP treatment. Furthermore, the NDC per the statement is challenging President Akufo Addo and the NPP to explain to Ghanaians why his anti-corruption fight has not been extended to the internationally reported scandals in his administration. Can the President and his party claim that they were unaware of NAM’s fraudulent activities?