Re-positioning The National For Real Transformation

Re-positioning The National For Real Transformation

With enormous challenges confronting the nation, and the task of rebuilding ahead of us, we need all our thinking minds and this action must be NOW !

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In this era where nations desirous of playing the revolutionary transformation and relevance game are reinventing, rejuvenating, and repositioning themselves, Ghana cannot exclude itself from capturing this crucial moment for a turnaround. Indeed the energies of all progressive nations is sharply focused on predicting the future through analytical thinking, taking the consequential decisions and strategic actions with such dare that respond to a sustainable, secure future.

History is replete with templates and lessons that no nation succeeds and exponentially progresses with its energies focused on the past, consistently litigating the past and harnessing yesterday”s narrative today. Truth be told, the future is yesterday and we are already late as a nation in terms of progressive happenings. The progressive world which has been ahead of us and captured a sizeable market niche, has moved further on from the now to face a new set of challenges in pursuit of a more revolutionary agenda into the next two centures. We cannot continue playing a game far lesser than we are capable of and continue being the drag of the world.

As co-creators of the 21st century New Ghana, we must urgently break away from, and relieve the mediocrity-induced past we have lived, to investing 70% of collective thought, political leadership action including the engagement between the ruling government and opposition, discussions in the media, our individual and collective time available to us, energies, and effort, into the relentless fight for future possibilities of re-engineering and revolutionizing education to make it more relevant for our re-aligned path to destiny, intensification of what is necessary in all aspects of our national life going forward, digitization, technology adaptation and development, economic diversification and expansion, as well as a new export drive, without which we cannot capture the advantage of current high energy levels of the youth for rapid and high growth levels.

We must rethink, think anew together and reshape our lives out of our primitive culture of hypocrisy, superstition, over-dependence on the supernatural, all-talk, inaction and absence of a sense of urgency, irresponsibility, self-centredness and greed, undermining collective effort and progress, a focus on the here-and-now, into collective scientific analytical thinking, strategic planning premised on hard-cold-facts, urgent revolutionary action, maximised engagement of our human faculties and capabilities, collaborative inventiveness, shared values and responsibilities, compassion and empathy for one another, and living reality, when it is calls for such, Ghana has no future.

An immense challenge confronting our nation is our inability to function as a civilized and mature nation living a new philosophy that synergises energies for the best results, regardness of political affiliation, ethnicity, or creed. This new philosophy is premised on logic, realistic and pragmatic thinking, one that wholeheartedly accepts all Ghanaians either pro or anti as one dream and winnimg team confronting and surmounting the many objective challenges that are before us.

We have become too comfortable with excessively emotional and unthinking partisanship and political innoendos at a crucial moment when even nations we are trailing far behind are closing ranks and forging new, highly energised, strategic national and international alliances for revolutionary turnarounds, and common sense points to the fact that we also require a highly-energised pull of our collective strengths to reinvent, rejuvenate and transform the nation to the far better place we are capable of getting to, and which we really ought to be as a nation. It is a do or die affair for the nation.

With enormous challenges confronting the nation, and the task of rebuilding ahead of us, we need all our thinking minds and this action must be NOW !

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