Press Conference by known NDC Groups: “ACTION MOVEMENT MUST SHUT UP”

Press Conference by known NDC Groups: “ACTION MOVEMENT MUST SHUT UP”

PRESS CONFERENCE BY KNOWN NDC GROUPS ON THE TOPIC "ACTION MOVEMENT MUST SHUT UP" Good afternoon to you all members of the press herein gathered.

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Good afternoon to you all members of the press herein gathered.

On behalf of known groups that assiduously worked for the National Democratic Congress in the last general election and are still ready to even do more come 2020 in order to recapture power from this Asemboni, 419, incompetent HE Nana Addo led government,l welcome you all to this very important press conference.

We have invited you all here today, to enable us express our opinion and disgust about the conduct of “Action Movement” a group claiming to be within the NDC Party.

[ads1]Our findings on the said “Action Movement” for some months now clearly shows that, the group has nothing good to offer the NDC Party but rather it is just a group of indiscipline persons who just want to smear the former leader of the party with any manner of statement.

We strongly believe based on their media activities over period that,the group has just been formed by some individuals as a calculated attempt to attack and damage the had earned reputation of former President,HE John Dramani Mahama just for their own parochial political interest so to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, before we delve deep into the above topic, we will like to cease this opportune moment to congratulate Prof Kwesi led fact finding committee for a good job done and also to congratulate all hardworking members of the party in the last general elections before unfortunately we were not able to secured victory for their continues show of love and commitment towards the party though we are in opposition.

As the name suggests,one will expect a group calling itself “Action Movement”to rather be seen doing a lot of works on the ground in order to win the hearts of people in joining the NDC and making sure they contribute their quota immensely so as to make the pillars of the NDC party solid,very effective and poised for action towards party work and not their unwarranted media action they had resorted to but then Zero work on the ground which must rather be the most important thing to every true member of the NDC at this crucial moment.

Their conducts in the media landscape from the time the group was formed has just been a sign of gross disrespect towards the leaders of our party.

One thing they don’t know and must be made to understand is that,our party constitution recognizes the Office of the former President. He is currently an automatic Member of the National Executive Council and the Council of Elders.So HE Former President Mahama wields an influential position in the party as we speak.

They must therefore read to acquire information and knowledge so as to conduct themselves well.

In their recent statement which was issued about three days ago in which was stated,they sided with Hon Martin Amidu’s comment on the $51 Million AMERI deal to be fishy.

We will like to tell, the so called group that, any evidence available to them in that regard,they should not hesitate at all in sending it to the CID Headquarters as good citizens in order to aid investigations on the matter which is currently under their domain and stop displaying gross ignorance on a matter they don’t have an in depth knowledge about but are quick to add their voices just because Mr Martin Amidu had made an assertion so to speak.

We all aware of Mr Martin Amidu’s public hatred for Former President Mahama and this is a public knowledge especially for those of us within the NDC party.

It is very funny, for such an illegal group within the NDC to have called on Dr Kwabena Donkor,Hon John Jinapor and the former Deputy Attorney General Dr Dominic Ayine who are all currently under investigation for no wrong doing on the said matter especially calling on Dr. Kwabena Donkor to expose the real Mafia behind the AMERI deal.

We will like to tell “Action Movement” to come out boldly with all the records available to them so that we will join them in telling Ghanaians whom they think and have known to be the real Mafia behind the deal as asserted in their uninformed bogus statement they issued.

They rat they claimed to have smelt they must do well to bring it out to the public domain and stop this kind of their watery okro mouth behaviour as young people.

They must bring out the evidence they have in order to help the state do a thorough job in bringing out to light the shoddy nature of the deal as claimed by them.

We will also like to ask “Action Movement” where they were when the deal was signed with AMERI? Whether they are aware the contract had gone through Parliament before it was finally signed?

Saying that,they were entreating NDC foot soldiers not to allow themselves to be used by any former appointee who has found him or herself at the wrong side of the law and adding that,no foot soldier should heed to the calls to gather at the CID Headquarters in solidarity with any former Mahama Appointee.

This their statement we again see as uninformed, bogus and slip of tongue because how can an illegal group of such a nature be telling true party members not to do A,B,C,D? ln what capacity were they making such statements?We will like to know from them.

A group that is not registered with the Party at National,Regional or any Constituency level calling on its members to do their wish?Where have they learnt that lesson from?We are even surprised those who are behind misleading them to pursue their parochial political interest will not even sit them down to teach them basic things as far as party business is concerned.

As a party, we have a lot of hard working groups that worked in the last general elections and we must admit that,all these groups were either registered with national or being recognized within their Region or Constituency levels so in effect the party can give an account of such groups but then,there is no record on the so called “Action Movement”anywhere that is why we referred to them as illegal.

So how then,can an illegal group claimed to be speaking within a body they are not even recognized?A court action can be issued against them if they don’t know.

We are humbly calling on “Action Movement”that,if they love the NDC party and are committed to work for it with good motives in the said name then,they must make sure they do well to register their group with the party and be given the code of conduct for groups so that,their actions will be in conformity to the laid down rules of conducts of NDC members and stop this their continues gross disrespect towards our respected senior comrades within the Party.

Have they seen or heard any of the numerous groups that worked for the party in the last general elections misbehaving like they are currently doing?

How can a group that was not there to work in 2016 election will now have the gut to vehemently talked about the same election we cannot even single out their contributions as far as party work was concerned?

It is therefore,our sacred duty and responsibility as groups that worked for the party in the last general election and are poised to even do more for any flag bearer that will be elected to lead the party to make sure,there is total peace and order in the entire party and among party faithfuls to enable us champion our solidly assured victory come 2020 in order to put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians over the current disappointments and frustrations they are experiencing under this deceitful HE Nana Addo led government.

It is against this background, we are calling on “Action Movement” to use the appropriate party procedures as enshrined in our party’s constitution in addressing their concerns if they are true members of the NDC party and are people who believe in party unity and therefore desist from their current destructive Agenda they are pursing.

The fact remains that,we will not fold our arms and watch them continue with this their misbehaviour,no way!

Our word of caution to those behind these young ones sponsoring them to be issuing unwarranted press releases is that,there is no secret on earth and that at the right time everything will be brought to light.

The NDC as party is bigger than all of us and it will only take our collective efforts in diverse ways to enable us secure victory come 2020. So in effect everybody matters.

To conclude,we will like to call on the party leadership at national to make sure they expedite action concerning the impending party reorganization and must always effectively communicate information to its members to enable them be abreast with current happenings within the party so as to know what to do at every given time.

We urge all our party members to keep hopes high and not be discouraged by the misbehaviour of “Action Movement” at all.

NDC is coming back for sure in 2020.

Long Live Ghana.
Long Live NDC
Long Live Known Groups