Outgoing KAAF University SRC Prez Handover Two Borehole

Outgoing KAAF University SRC Prez Handover Two Borehole

"The heroes and messiahs of mother Ghana and Africa, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah" Adam Abdul Aziz quoted during the handing over Ceremony at the KAAF U

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“The heroes and messiahs of mother Ghana and Africa, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah” Adam Abdul Aziz quoted during the handing over Ceremony at the KAAF University College.

The outgoing President of Student Representative Council (SRC) of KAAF University College Adam Abdul Aziz in collaboration with his Executives have donated two boreholes to the University.

Mr. Aziz revealed this at a brief handing over ceremony at the Feteh Kakraba Block of the University stated that the construction of the two boreholes will provide potable water for domestic usage on KAAF University Campus.

The SRC President during his hand over speech revealed that during his campaign he promises to provide borehole and other initiatives the will protect the interest of all students at the School. This and among others said compelled him and his executives to mobilized funds for the construction of the two boreholes. The two boreholes are estimated to cost GH 20.000

He further revealed that under his tenure as SRC President he and his executives donated seven Lover benches which were nicely concrete fixed under the trees for student comfort whilc they wait for their turn for lectures which helped in increasing the presence of students on campus at all times and have directly impacted positively on the academic performance of students.

He added that the SRC through dialogue with school administration extend the date of registration from two weeks to two months and also negotiated with management to reduce the original 70% deposit before registration to 50%.

He stated that the SRC provided an additional WIFI internet link to enabled students to download every important soft document on a course of study with a mobile application for easy access on the mobile phone at the click of the finger.

He stated that under his leadership, KAAF University participated in the PUSAG games held in the Central region and was the second runner up in men’s sports games and won many medals.

The face of KAAF under the SRC week celebration under his leadership was the best compared to the previous face of KAAF events and also helped brought out the best talent in students who contested.

These successes in less than a year he said were amidst some challenges which include the recurring problems of students not getting result slip on time after writing exams, an inadequate classroom for lectures lack air conditioning and rampant light out.

The outgoing SRC President indicated that it was a joyous occasion for him to be handing over two boreholes project and numerous initiatives to the University Community.

He said it is part of his vision to construct a borehole for the University to provide potable water for the University Community adding that his support falls in line with his and his executives’ campaign promise to help the University and their bid to leave a good legacy for others to emulate.

He was hopeful that the University Community at large will also benefit from the boreholes.

The outgoing SRC President and his executives called on their successors as well as those who will manage the boreholes and other initiatives to put in proper management principles for the projects to last long.