By Innocent MASIKU Good day fellows! I have come your way this evening with regards from the womb that begat me. I am highly favoured and sa

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By Innocent MASIKU

Innocent MASIKU

Good day fellows!

I have come your way this evening with regards from the womb that begat me. I am highly favoured and salute all mothers and potential mothers here.

I say “ayekooooo”

Motherhood is a calling. Motherhood is a duty call. Not everyone is [ads1]called to execute such a beautiful mandate. Count yourself blessed if you possess the features of a mother.

To be a mother has nothing to do with your beautiful appearance. It transcends the ordinary make ups and the wearing of expensive Brazilian hair. It isn’t about the hilly shoes. It isn’t about you twisting legs for a selfie. It isn’t the number of guys you can manipulate nor sleep with. It isn’t the gossips and rumours you peddle without recourse.

Its a sacred course.

Motherhood is a sacred calling. Motherhood is a duty. Motherhood has a direct bearing to human multiplication and that is why I love and appreciate mothers.

I have recounted my experiences with my mum on this very platform some years back. I still have within me the passion seen in her eyes just to put a smile on my face. And I know you equally have such memories of your mother too.

How many of us would want to and are yearning to become better mothers to their offsprings ?

And that must be our worry for now.

Maternal love has paved way for material things. Most mothers had become self centred at the detriment of their offsprings.

They buy the latest dress for themselves whiles the children are clothed in what cannot be describe. They dine and celebrate with friends at funerals whiles the children feed on grumbles and perambulate the vicinities without parental care and attention. They appear glamorous whilst the children wail and gnash their teeth seeking for the next meal.

The children on our streets deserve better. Findings had indicated that, about eighty percent of these children have living parents. They have mothers who out of negligence have forgotten of what is expected of them.

We cannot continue this way. We must stand up and change the paradigm shift. We ought to provide our beautiful children the best we could.

We must go beyond what was passed unto us. We are to make our children the next responsible characters of tomorrow. We must instill in them what makes life beautiful. We must teach them the ways of our origin and God. We must change the status quo.

At this point, I would want to say a big thank you to all mothers and potential mothers here minus those committing abortion and still using contraceptives.

I dedicate this special day to all single mothers struggling with the atrocities of life to making sure their children make it some day. Your efforts shall surely be rewarded.

Its my fervent prayer that, your toils do not go waste. I pray for heavenly benedictions on your efforts.

May the Good God sees you through.

I am still my Innocent MASIKU.