Open Letter to Prof. Adei: You’re in Syria studying common sense and wisdom?

Open Letter to Prof. Adei: You’re in Syria studying common sense and wisdom?

By Assibid Dauda Dear Professor Stephen Adei, Greetings from Binduri. Long time no hear. I trust you are doing great? When the inexpli

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By Assibid Dauda

Prof. Stephen Adei

Dear Professor Stephen Adei,

Greetings from Binduri.

Long time no hear. I trust you are doing great?

When the inexplicable happens, the unquestionable is imagined! [ads1]Also when the hawk visits the feast of the Eagles, that hawk is only risking to be part of that feast. He that invites the evil wind must make sure his tent is solidly strong to withstand it.

You had a notion that Former President Mahama was running a Family and Friends government right? Because of that perception you virtually criticised everything he did and never saw sense in any of his policies. You and your co-wisemen were always up in arms against the poor man from Bole.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, through the hard work of you and your co-wisemen, there was a Regime change. So I want us to pause for a reality check because we can’t go the way of false hopes! Let’s reflect back on the instances that enabled the NPP to win the sympathy of the wise men.

The stink-rat has married the widow of the large malodorous ant and the evil shell is thereby increased. It is therefore inevitable that whoever burns his hair will definitely smell the scent.

When the gods speak, they do not speak from both sides of the mouth. Can you check this out?

Nepotism, corruption and accountability can never be separated, no matter how political spin masters try to massage it.

A quick look at current government:

Ken Ofori Atta– Akuffo Addo’s Cousin is Minister of Finance. He is involved in offshore accounts scandal. He was mentioned in the Panama papers scandal, issued a $2.25billion dubious bond within 4 hours. The bond’s issue was shrouded in secrecy, issued without recourse to laid down procedures and industry best practices requirements. The Attorney-General who is the principal state attorney was not aware of the legal implications of the deal. It was issued to a business partner of the Finance Minister company by name Frankline Templeton at a questionable coupon rate of 19.5%. So my question is, with all this, you of all people saw and still sees nothing like that? Or your mouth is currently full and you’re observing good table manners?

Amoako Ofori Atta- Akuffo Addo’s family member is the Minister of Roads and Highways. This isn’t nepotism to the good old Prof. Abi? Interesting.

Eno Ofori Atta; the wife of Ken Ofori Atta is a board member of SIC, everything okay with that?

Gyankorama Akuffo Addo; the daughter of Akuffo Addo is the Deputy Chairperson of the Creative Arts Council. This is unprecedented in the history of Ghanaian politics. You also don’t see this as nepotism right?

Sophia Akuffo, a family member of Akuffo Addo is the Chief Justice. This isn’t nepotism or?

Gloria Akuffo a family member of Akuffo Addo is the Attorney General. You were and is still silent with this; I hope you are satisfied with it?

Hon.Yaw Osafo Marfo is the Senior Minister. He is an Akyem, the same tribe with President Akufo-Addo. He recently said the public sector is choked, but he has appointed his two sons as deputy directors to SSNIT and NPRA respectively. This is the definition of family and friends government. Are you cool with it?

Keli Gadzekpo – A friend to Ken Ofori Atta and his business partner is a board member of Bank of Ghana. The professor still doesn’t see anything wrong with this?

Ursula Owusu- Family member of Akuffo Addo is the Minister of Communications.

Gabby Okyere Darko- Family member of Akuffo Addo is the Head of all Govt Contracts.

Freddy Blay is the Board chairman of NPA and Gina Blay his wife is the Ambassador of Ghana to UK.

Prof. Mike Ockuaye is the Speaker of Parliament. His son has been made the Ambassador of Ghana to India.

Rashid Bawa the brother of Dr. Bawumia is Ghana’s High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Sam Okudzeto is a member of the council of state and his family member Perry Okudzeto is the deputy minister of information.

K.T Hammond’s brother, Opare Hammond is the C.E.O of Minerals Commission.

Abu Ramadan a brother to the wife of Bawumia, Samira is the deputy director of NADMO and his father is the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Hackman Owusu Agyemang a brother of Akuffo Addo is the Board chairman of COCOBOD.

Kwame Addo Kuffour a brother of the former President John Agyekum Kuffour is the Board Chairman of SSNIT.

Nana Asante Bediatuo, a brother of Akuffo Addo is the Executive Secretary to Akuffo Addo.

I can go on and on with the list. Now Mr. Professor, which family member of John Dramani Mahama was a Minister or a CEO or an ambassador that you used all manner of unprincipled words against his government?

Infact which of his family members was in charge of even a CRIPPLED CHICKEN or a PARALYZED RABBIT position that you couldn’t spare our ears with the noise of cronyism and nepotism in this country?

So where are you and your wisemen and why the sudden deepening culture of silence on issues of Nepotism and Corruption in this country?

A friend told me that Prof. Martey, Rev.Otabil, Owusu Bempa and their group are currently in Arusha, Tanzania attending a 2-day conference on” Responsible commentary, Fair Judgement and Unbiased Opinions ” and that you are also in Aleppo, Syria studying common sense and wisdom. It is believed that when you guys return to Ghana, from October 5th, 2020,we shall have the best democracy in the world; could it be true?

Prof. Stephen Adei, you labelled yourselves Wisemen, however, your vitriolic attacks against John Dramani Mahama and your extreme sick obsession with him when he was President is beneath the dignity of Wisemen. Infact you guys need lectures on common sense and wisdom indeed.

Prof Adei, I read a story yesterday attributed to you complaining about the size of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s convoy and I said to myself Awurade Yakubu, this Oldman have no shame, what about Akufo-Addo’s convoy? Or is it because he is not a Northerner? So upon all the gargantuan scandals and naked corruption that had bedeviled the Akuffo Addo/Bawumia NPP government, the so-called Professor can only see and talk about the size of Dr. Bawumia’s convoy?

Have you suddenly lost interest in the Wanton Cronyism and Nepotism that has engulfed the NPP administration where even ex-girlfriends, inlaws, nephews and cousins have been appointed by Akufo-Addo into government?

Prof Adei, do not be like the horse or the mule which have no understanding but must be controlled by the bit and bridle before they come to you. Then again, you and your wisemen were very wicked to President Mahama but I will like to refer you to a scripture in the Bible, Psalm 32:10. Many are the woes of the wicked………..

Professor, you and your co-wisemen who are now “GORO” boys really behaved like teenagers who suddenly found keys to the liquor cabinet and certainly you must start paying the consequences of your drunken behavior now.

It seems to me like the Napoleon who advised all animals to avoid sleeping on beds has found it comfortable downing suit and drinking whisky. A classic case of convenience politics or better yet some animals are more equal than others?

But my worry is this: your conduct smacks off tribalism. I mean when have you become a security protocol expert to the presidency to determine the convoy for Presidential trip? As an old wiseman have you ever advised the vice president about it? When Akuffo Addo packed 197 sardines and 24 Akyem chiefs to the UN General Assembly Session you were blind!

Professor Adei your hypocrisy is quite an insult to the academia. Of what use are 110 ministers to a state of just 27 million citizens? Your economic brain is beginning to wane I guess. Excessive labour raises the cost of production; a basic economic tenet that it appears escaped your tribalistic hypocritical economic expertise.

Hmmmm change has come indeed and I’m really gritting my teeth and shaking my damned head in utmost disbelief. Before you open your mouth in public again kindly examine yourself. The unexamined life Socrates said is not worth living. Then again this is the outcome when monkeys are sent to the banana market. I live you to the deities of your village. Please yourself!!!

The only help I can offer a widow screaming from the concubines room is to peep through the window which I have done.

I have just been signalled by the gods of Binduri to relocate from the abandoned market shed I’m currently writing from to the Pito Joint at Zanguom Daag (Long wall) so I will be back as and when the gods of Binduri deem it fit.
A word to the wise is enough!

Assibid Dauda
The Binduri Youth Activist