An open Letter to the Chairman of AU (African Union)

An open Letter to the Chairman of AU (African Union)

Mr. Chairman of African Union Organisation, Mr. Alpha Condé, despite ordinary African people were not given chance to vote. But you were voted by

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Alpha Condé, President of Guinea and AU Chairman

Mr. Chairman of African Union Organisation, Mr. Alpha Condé, despite ordinary African people were not given chance to vote. But you were voted by African Administrators, I do call them Administrators or African puppet rulers and not leaders because they didn’t take any decision so far that benefit African peoples in the last 50 years, that so called “Africa independent” from colonialism.

Since this organisation (AU) was created most African can’t see any benefit about this organisation, could you explain to us what you are meeting for the most time in Addis Abba (Ethiopia)? You can’t protect African people from civil wars, famine, corrupted politicians, [ads1]prosecution even slavery. Yes slavery, check what is happening in Sinai in Egypt black migrants who are trying to cross into Israel are slaved, raped and tortured from Arabs gangs even some are murdered by the gangs to remove their internal organs (liver, kidney) to be sold in black market in Cairo.
Are there sort of programs in AU to help Africans to be financial educated or to empower African to be involved in entrepreneurship or to own business in their countries that it will enable them for economic freedom ? Now the slogan in Africa “We can get better deals from Chinese than western countries”.

What better deals?

There is no difference between the Western countries and the Chinese when African rulers are making deals on their terms and not for African people interest. Could you tell us when African people will see benefits of this organisation (AU)? People who supposed to represent African people in AU, they are the same people who are killing us, oppressing us for benefit of they own and foreign countries (The Western governments and Chinese now). When will you tell members of your organisation to introduce human rights, create basic conditions for 95% percents of African and to stop taking orders from people who slave us, colonised us. How many of colonial masters rulers where send to Africa to face trial? Despite, they committed genocide by slavering African, but they never bother to apologise to African people from the mass of atrocities they committed in Africa.

Despite they (colonial masters) are trying to excuse themselves today by blaming their ancestries who are people who committed this mass of atrocities but they are forgetting one thing they are benefiting now from crimes committed by their ancestries. Anyone in AU even dare to ask former colonial masters to apologise to African and black people around world! That why I meant African rulers are administrators and not leaders, they can be replacing from colonial masters. We saw what happened with Mobutu (Former Zaire now DR Congo), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), Charles Taylor (Liberia), etc. To be honest I do not share tears for these puppet rulers, they deserved it, may be except Gaddafi despite he was a dictators but he stood up against colonial masters. When these African Administrators will understand Western countries have been playing us for last 500 years when they arrived in Africa and it seems African Administrators still believe Western countries are in Africa to help us.

Let see, They had slave Africans, then when they decided themselves that slavery was inhuman they colonised us by creating borders and countries in Africa to be able to control Africa and its resources. When African become to fight back against brutal colonial governments in Africa, they decided to pretend to give African independence but divided them into colonial languages organisations to control them. Such as Commonwealth organisation for English speakers in Africa, the head of that organisation the Queen of England, Francophone that belong to French speakers countries in Africa and Lusophone belong to Portuguese speakers countries in Africa.

Every time one real African leader decided to take his/her own decisions to benefit Africans they outcast power from colonial masters. Colonial masters never left Africa, they planted these Administrators in political positions but without financial power, they still control us economically and politically, but we should blame organisation such as AU, if it’s objective is to protect African people. For example, we can see with EU (European Union) protecting the European citizen from their governments, there is a European court of Justice.
Mr. Chairman when are we going to decide official languages of African countries to be our own dialects languages instead of colonial languages and please it would be nice if you could read African dream that is classic for all African to read. Look at places in Barcelona they don’t what to speak Spanish instead they promoted Catalonia as their official language, despite they’re the same people, then why we African still have official languages in our countries from our former masters.

It’s very difficult to understand Mr Chairman, do something about it, don’t just waste money of African people like your predecessors did. Your decisions in AU, made us look useless in around the world, people disrespect us because they see you so called “African rulers” can’t sort out African problems, Africans are force to flee their home lands to go to places where there are suffering of racism and see us as a low races people, not intelligent enough as human being because of your lack of courage to stand firm for your people even in South Africa 90 percents of Black South African are the poorest in country in contrast with others races(Asia and White) and similar story in all over Africa. You and your members are also victims of slavery and the colonial mentally.

I wrote this letter to let you know perhaps it’s time for real change to come in Africa, real African leaders to stand up for African people. Moreover, please next election allow ordinary African people to vote instead of African administrators voting for you who do not represent any African people interest but to follow the orders for their masters in Western. Back in time, a slave who live in a master’s house control other slavers who live outside. But now, the slave who lives in a master’s house is still a slave with some privileges the same thing with African administrators.

How many African youth can have hope and be pride to be African if all they can see are miseries, oppress governments and useless rulers.

Sessi Dela Renney

Concerned African