Nungua back to the days of perennial water crisesFiled Photo

Nungua back to the days of perennial water crises

WATER they say is LIFE. This is because water is undoubtedly an indispensable resource for both man and industry. This makes access to water, especial

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WATER they say is LIFE. This is because water is undoubtedly an indispensable resource for both man and industry. This makes access to water, especially, potable water, one of the indicators of human development. Depriving people of this basic necessity of life is next to take away the air they breathe.

Nungua, just like its surrounding communities, experienced perennial water crisis for close to two decades. The hardship, discomfort and public health issues posed during those times are still fresh in our memories.

Thankfully, the call on successive Governments to address this issue was finally headed to when the former president John Dramani Mahama, through the able former MP of Krowor, awarded a contract in 2011 to Befesa Desalination Development Ghana to establish the sea water treatment plant to produce clean potable water to be channeled into the pipelines of the Ghana Water Company limited, GWCL, for distribution to the residents of Nungua and other surrounding communities.

The $126 million Project was supposed to produce 60,000m3 of potable water per day. The Plant pumps 13million gallons of treated, clean potable water per day and served 500,000 residents within Nungua and surrounding areas like Baatsonaa, Spintex, etc. There was a constant supply of clean potable drinking water through the taps much to the relief of residents in Krowor and surrounding communities.

However, the joy of residents in Krowor was short-lived when the current MP and her Govt took over the reins of government. This Plant has been shut down and locked under keys. The MP and her Govt have also refused to ensure an alternate source of portable clean water for the people of Krowor except to reconnect us to the unreliable supply from the GWCL. The reason for the establishment of the Plant was to take Krowor and its surrounding communities off the supply from the GWCL.

This unfortunate development has plunged Krowor and its surrounding communities back to the dark days of the perennial water crisis. As I write this, it’s been almost two weeks since water flowed through our taps in Baatsonaa. The situation is no different from what is happening in the Nungua township.

In all these I ask, has the MP not observed the hardship and discomfort the shut down of this Plant brought on her constituents? Portable water and public health have a direct link and communicable waterborne diseases will be staring us in the face, especially amongst residents in the typical Nungua township.

The MP is virtually doing nothing to solve this serious perennial water crisis in Krowor yet surrogates, aids and PAs of hers find joy and pleasure in insulting our late traditional ruler. How does the sponsoring of such insults on the late Gborbu wulomo, Shitse, solve this pressing issue in Krowor?


By Nii Amasa Osakonor