NPP, NDC fight over Krachi East Rural Electrification Project

NPP, NDC fight over Krachi East Rural Electrification Project

The ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP and the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC in the Krachi East Constituency in the Volta Region are fight

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The ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP and the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC in the Krachi East Constituency in the Volta Region are fighting over who initiated the yet to be commerced Rural Electrification Project in some selected ten communities in the Krachi East Municipal Assembly.

[ads1]On November 15, 2017, the NDC Executives in the constituency held a press conference claiming that the Rural Electrification Project was initiated by the former NDC MP Hon. Wisdom Gidisu before he lost the election to the current NPP MP, Hon. Michael Gyato. The conference according to Mr. Edem Gidisu, The Constituency Secretary was necessitated by earlier claims by the current MP that he initiated the project.

In a quick response to the NDC’s Press Conference, the NPP MP for Krachi East Constituency, Hon. Michael Gyato held a meeting on November 25, 2017 at Krachi East Municipal Assembly Hall with some Executives of the New Patriotic Party, the DCE, some Assembly members and opinion leaders from the ten (10) communities in the municipality who were supposed to benefit from the phase one of the Rural Electrification Project by China Water Company.

At the meeting, the MP said he has written a letter which is yet to be delivered to the Energy Commission to withdraw the project from the communities which the NDC is claiming to have requested for the project for commencement and send to other communities whose name were not added to his phase one but needed the electricity.

The MP addressing the meeting

According to Hon.  Gyato, Njare, Cement and Abrewankor are likely to benefit from the phase one of the project has he planed but the remaining communities which include Matamanu, Azizakpe, Katanga Tornu, Adeembra, Munkurate, and others have been suspended.

Hon. Gyato said his predecessor, former MP for Krachi East Hon. Wisdom Gidisu has claimed that the project was part his initiatives and he was the one who wrote a letter to the Energy Commission to support these same communities with light but not him, Hon. Gyato, so in other to bring peace and unity to people living in the Municipality, has decided to suspend those communities with the support the Municipal Chief Executive Honourable Patrick Jilimah.

“No one can enjoy two lighting system at the same time so if the former MP is bringing light to your communities then I have to suspend mine and give it to those need it” – Hon. Gyato siad

“Although some of the Assembly members pleaded on behalf of their community, I still stand by my words” – He added

The District Chief Executive of Krachi East, Hon. Patrick Jilimah Monday 6th November 2017 called for the arrest of NDC deputy constituency organizer at Katanga a community in the district.

Speaking to the media on the issue, Hon. Jilimah said “the MP, Hon. Micheal Gyato wrote a letter to Energy Commission seeking an assistant for rural electrification project dated January 14, 2017. I was then informed last week Friday that the contractor will come on that Monday to survey the beneficiary communities. On Monday morning the Mr. Thomas Aryee (a.k.a Osofo) called me that the contractor is in and wanted us to meet which I asked them to wait for me in my office. But I later had an information that the contractor has gone to the communities with Osofo. I then made a followed up and met them [Osofo and the Contractor] on the way while they were heading toward last community”

According to the DEC, he asked Osofo and the Contractor why they did not inform him of going to the site and the contractor responded that he is sorry and that Osofo misled him. This according to the DCE pushed him to file a formal complaint at a nearby police station to arrest Osofo but was, however, informed at the police station that Osofo has fled into the bush.

Meanwhile, Osofo has also threatened to sue the DCE Hon. Patrick Jilimah for harassing him with the police.

Source: Christiana Ativi | Dambai