NDC Unity Walk: Other Regions Did Thier Best But Brong Ahafo Will Top It All In Techiman

NDC Unity Walk: Other Regions Did Thier Best But Brong Ahafo Will Top It All In Techiman

United we stand divided we shall continue to be in opposition We have all been tasked by the National Executives to do our best in our small ways w

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NDC, Let’s Rise Above Our Pains

United we stand divided we shall continue to be in opposition

We have all been tasked by the National Executives to do our best in our small ways where ever we find ourselves to make our party great and strong to take power from the elephants come 2020.

NPP has started planning on how to rig and win the 2020 elections by hook or crook.

[ads1]But I believe with a united force and one voice we shall overcome our challenges for victory 2020.

I strongly believe everyone is doing his part in his/her small conner to heal the self inflicted wounds we caused on ourselves, settle scores with others we had issues with before and during and after the elections to enable us put the party back on the road for victory 2020.

But aside doing all these, the unity walk by our leaders has also come to energise and has given us hope that the NDC is still alive and ready to drive the elephants from the flagstaff house come 2020.

The unity walk always make the Elephants tremble and confuse.

It is very symbolic and I can say the unity walk has come to stay.

Iam happy the way all the aspirants of the various positions come together to make the day memorable.

Kudos to comrade Kojo Bonsu who initiated this project amid insults from our own party members who are planning for agenda 2024 instead of 2020.

While we are gathering they are scattering but they should know that God is watching and our God is not asleep.

The former President, his ministers and all appointees might have made some mistakes while in office, but can we forever hold onto their mistakes to keep the party making time in opposition?.

Am happy today in Tarkwa the former President called for all in the party to forgive each other so that together we can open a new page to make our party great,strong and well prepared for the victory that awaits us in 2020.

All of us contributed to the 2016 defeat in our own small way. If it was a success story we would have embraced it with joy.

It is time we all rise above our pain and work towards victory 2020.

The train of the unity walk which started in Northern Region to Greater Accra through to Central Region and today Western Region will soon arrive in Techiman.

The organization has been superb and wonderful since the time comrade Kojo Bonsu conceived the idea and happy how the party has embraced it.

The next stop of the Unity train is in Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

We in the Brong Ahafo are prepared to host the NDC and Ghana at large. We are ready to make history by making it bigger than all the other regions combined.

This is because our regional leadership have done well in the reorganization process for lots of wounds to be healed already. And all those aggrieved are back and ready to work their heart out for the party for a victorious 2020.

This is making everyone eager and ready to show the world how ready we are in Brong Ahafo to make 2020 possible.

From the polling stations to constituencies to the region through to all the campuses in the region are all working to contribute their quoto to make our party great and strong and well prepared for victory 2020.

B/A is stinking with corruption under the Npp. Today we can say our Region is the most corrupt region in Ghana.

A region where the youth organizer accuses the regional minister of theft and bribery and corruption.

A region region where the regional minister through is special aid calls his Regional Youth Organizer a fraud and a thief who has even defrauded a fetish priest in Wenchi.

A region where DCE of Sunyani west has budgeted for almost 80,000 Ghana cedis *(8billion)* to procure six tables and chair to furnish a police station built by the NDC government to beef up security in the district in 2016.

A region where MCE for Sunyani East refuses to occupy her official residence and car provided by government but uses her private apartment and vehicle at the expense of the government of Ghana.

A region where an MCE uses a hooping 120,000 Ghana cedis(1.2billion) for renovation of an official residence.

This is a region where development has become static.

A region where Npp 1&2 has not built even one senior High School from a scratch.

A region where NPP 1&2 never built any hospital for health care delivering.

A region where NPP 1&2 never put up any tertiary institution to aid Education.

All these have made the natives of B/A crying for the return of the NDC for their rescue.

We can, we shall and we will.

Expect nothing but the best from B/A in the upcoming the unity walk in the rest.

We thank Takwa for making the program a success.

2020 is Possible but it’s a matter of time comrades.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A Regional Youth Organizer Hopeful