NDC should be very careful

NDC should be very careful

At a “waste of resources and time” tour in the Eastern Region on November 22, the President is reported to have said “these are people (NDC) who are l

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At a “waste of resources and time” tour in the Eastern Region on November 22, the President is reported to have said “these are people (NDC) who are looking at a long period in opposition”.

Until now, some of us would have taken such a statement lightly, but the Nana Akufo Addo, we know now is the most dangerous and corrupt President in this forth republic, and statement coming from such an individual should be analyzed carefully and counter measures put in place to avert all his dangerous and poisonous moves. Nana Akufo Addo will not make such a statement unless he knows what he is doing ahead of election 2020. Consider these factors:

The Jean Mensah factor: The Electoral Commissioner and her deputies were appointed by Nana Addo and we know they are card bearing members of the NPP.

President Mahama appointment Charlotte Osei but lost the 2016 elections. We cannot say the same thing about Nana Addo. NDC should be aware that Nana Addo will use the machinery at the Electoral Commission to rig the elections. Even if that will bring fire, confusion and mayhem in the country, Nana Addo will not care.

The Ghana Card factor: I don’t know the current position of the NDC on the Ghana card but Nana Addo hinted when he came to the US, that the Ghana card is what will be used for voting in 2020. NDC should state their position clearer on the Ghana card because it will be an easy avenue to rig election 2020. Nana Addo and Jean Mensah could use the Ghana card to suppress voters in the NDC strongholds. Even in America, some states use the government issued ID cards to suppress voters, so doing so in Ghana will be easy koraaaaa.

The Invisible/Delta Force factor: Nana Akufo Addo has done it before and he wouldn’t mind to do it again. That is, using those forces to intimidate voters. This is why I welcome the formation of the Hawks by the NDC. Currently, the NPP is training some thugs in UK and Canada for election 2020. Nana Addo is very much aware of this arrangements. Remember he was the one who said “All die be die” If Nana Addo and the NPP attempt to do anything silly when they lose in 2020, Ghana will not be a nice place for them anymore. If they are thinking of voter intimidation, they should forget it. NDC is ready for that.The Supreme Court factor: Nana Akufo and the NPP know that when every cheating fails, they will resort to the Supreme Court to keep them in power. Unlike the 2012 petition, the ruling government will go to the Supreme Court and attempt to change the will of the people. Nana Addo has done it before and will not mind doing it again. They know they have their card bearing and family members there so when the case gets to them, they will use some technicalities to uphold the petition by the government and change the will of the people.

Nana Akufo Addo carelessly said the NDC will stay in opposition for a long time and I have identified these factors that will make him say so. A blind man will not tell you he will throw stone at you, unless he is standing on one. There are others like the family and friends, ROPAA and Joe Anokye (IT) factors. I know NDC is saying they will not repeat the mistakes of 2016 but since they are looking at things at the higher level, Nana Addo and the NPP would be looking at ways and means at the lower level to rig election 2020, no matter how much it will cost the country in terms of resources and human life. The factors above are used by people all over the world to rig elections. NDC should be very careful not to overlook them. The elections in 2020 will not be do-and-die affair but it will not be a child’s play either. I hope the leadership of NDC are taking notes. A word to the wise……..By the way, did you hear President Akufo Addo saying the program of create, loot and share is dead in Ghana? Clearly, this man is not in charge of his government.

The writer is the Founder of Friends of JDM (North America)
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