NDC NEC Must Act Now To Forestall Future Problems In The Volta Region

NDC NEC Must Act Now To Forestall Future Problems In The Volta Region

Gentlemen and ladies of the Press, once again we want to bring to your attention this issue which, although is very simple, has become hydra headed. S

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Gentlemen and ladies of the Press, once again we want to bring to your attention this issue which, although is very simple, has become hydra headed. Since the creation of the six new regions, an issue has arisen which needs to be addressed promptly.

The NDC had elected its Regional Executives prior to the split of the VR into two entities.

With the coming into force of the new regions, it became necessary to move elected executives to where they “constitutionally” belong.

Per the NDC constitution, a person belongs to a branch where he/ she is registered member; which is also his/her polling station.

It must be stressed that, anyone, irrespective ethnic origins or tribe can belong to any branch anywhere in Ghana and be legible to be elected to any available position in a constituency or Region his/her branch forms part of.

Hon. Gyapong Kudjo in principle and per the constitution of the party, does not satisfy the requirements of membership of the party in the Volta region.

It is a fact that Hon. Gyapong Kudjo is a member of Kadjebi Post Office Branch of the Akan Constituency. He votes in the polling station with the same with code no. D200603.

Hon. Gyapong Kudjo is not just an ordinary member of the Akan constituency. He is a Founding Father of the constituency and has represented the constituency Three times as a Member of Parliament.

It is therefore clear that his political allegiance and fortunes are primarily linked with Akan constituency. It is therefore not clear his locus in wanting to be a Chairman of an entity he is not constitutionally part of.

Emphasis should once again be placed on the fact that persons who hail from Oti or any other Region in Ghana but have their branches and polling stations within the new Volta region are not been asked to leave.

It is instructive that in all Regions affected by the creation of New Regions, people affected have moved peacefully to where their branches and polling stations are.Why should Mr Gyapong be the exception.

We refuse to accept situations where some individuals believe they have become demi-gods in the region and can have people do their bidding illegally and completely devoid of any decency.

For what reason does Mr. John Kwadwo Gyapong want to cling to power in the Volta Region when it is clear that with the coming into force of Oti he ceases to be a member of NDC in the Volta region?

We do appreciate the memorandum signed by the General Secretary suspending elections in the Volta and Oti regions. We believe the spirit is to make room for the resolution of this crucial matter.

We call on our Council of Elders at both the national and regional level together with FEC to act on the petitions received expeditiously to enable the Volta Region choose a Chairman as early as possible to face the 2020 campaign. We can not afford to delay too long for the resolution of this issue.

It is true Hon Gyapong Kudjo is clinging to a NEC directive that gives the affected Regional Executives a blank cheque to choose where they want to belong to.

To the best of our knowledge, NEC decisions are not sacrosanct, NEC decisions have been challenged and overturned at many times in the past. The last Presidential Primaries guidelines come to mind immediately.

NEC directives are derived from our constitution and can not go contrary to it. It is only where the constitution is silent that NEC could use their Residual powers. In this case, it is clearly a matter of qualification to hold office in a constituency or Region. The constitution and usage is clear on that and that supersedes any other directive.

We call on THE NATIONAL AND REGIONAL COUNCILS OF ELDERS and FEC to intervene as soon as possible to resolve this issue which is fast becoming an albatross around the neck of the party. The more there is a delay the more the electoral fortunes of NDC can be eroded.

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*Long Live Volta and Oti Regions ,*

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