NDC, Let’s Rise Above Our Pains

NDC, Let’s Rise Above Our Pains

We shall rise again The hard truth we all have to accept is that we all contributed to our massive defeat in 2016. You, I, the MP, all the app

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Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

We shall rise again
The hard truth we all have to accept is that we all contributed to our massive defeat in 2016.

You, I, the MP, all the appointees, executives the former president all contributed one way or the other contributed to our 44.4%.

Imagine we had won comrades, we would have all claimed and [ads1]proclaimed to the Glory of God how dedicated we were to our party for our victory.

The question is how well did we all contribute our quota in 2016?

Most of us were relaxed because the National cake did not reach our dining table.

We relaxed because we want to punish the “greedy ones” among us.

We relaxed because we thought that was the only way to punish our big men.

We all contributed to our massive defeat because most of us receiving accusations and those pointing at others did not even vote because of the bitterness in us.

Kuffour once said….it is better to be a messenger in government than a general secretary of a party in opposition, we never understood him though he was advising the NPP. But now the reality has caught up with us.

We lost, yes! that is the reality……and in opposition, we want to eat up ourselves out of anger and hunger?

There is still hope comrades, all is not lost

The greatest opportunity will soon offer itself for all of us as the deciders of the upcoming elections to choose the right people we think should be instead of others.

That’s why you and I need to get involved in the branch elections, win and become a kingmaker of our party for the next four years, so that we can decide in our own capacity who to lead the party from the constituency to the national level and even the flagbearer race.

This is an opportunity and let’s all take advantage of it and make a difference instead of the blame game.

With the tsunami defeat which you and I have caused, I believe the grassroots from now the will be the ultimate decider and the powerhouse of the party.

Let’s get involved, work hard, sacrifice a little as we have always been doing for a victorious 2020.

NPP has already thrown in the towel because the evidence is clear on the wall…..

Teachers and students are crying
Nurses are crying
Market women in Kumasi central market are crying, drivers are worse…Everything in the country has turned upside down.

These are the issues we have to take advantage of instead of attacking Rawlings, Mahama, Dr Spio, Sly, Prof. Alabi just to please our paymasters and be seen a powerful

Unity, Unity, and Unity is the only thing we need now and not the blame game.

Let’s rise above our disappointment and work hard to bring our beloved party back in 2020.

The return of NDC in 2020 is possible comrades, it’s just a matter of time.

Let’s work for it because the hunter will continue to be a hero unless the lion learns how to tell its own story.

Thank you.


Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.
B/A NDC Regional Youth Organizer Aspirant.