NDC did well in social intervention programmes than NPP – Azubila

NDC did well in social intervention programmes than NPP – Azubila

Mr. Emmanuel Azubila has add his voice to the recent cement by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) that the opposition National Democratic Congress (

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Mr. Emmanuel Azubila has add his voice to the recent cement by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have not implemented any social interventions to better the lives of Ghanaians.

This is what Mr. Azubila believed that, the NDC did well in social intervention program adding that during Prof. John Evans Atta Mills and former President John Dramani Mahama’s administration, many social intervention programs were held which include the single spine salary structure, building of schools, hospitals and among others.

According to him, social Intervention is an action which involves the intervention of a government or an organization in social affairs, such policies can include provision of charity or social welfare as a means to alleviate social and economic problem of people facing financial difficulties, provision of health care, provision of education, provision of safety, delivery of food aid or recovery mission to regions or countries negatively affected by an events adoption program etc.. What is the E blocks meant for?,The hospitals ,the leap etc. NPP come again on social intervention program .

NDC social intervention programs have practically reflected in the lives of Ghanaians which have significantly change the lives of teachers, police officers among others.

Below is the unedited comments of Mr. Emmanuel Azubila


When we are talking about proper social intervention program that practically reflected in the lives of Ghanaians, it is the implementation of single spine salary structure introduced by NDC government through the late Prof. Mills of blessed memory.

Today Teachers can further their education, buy cars and build in Ghana and feel good? Then Ghanaians say ayekoo to NDC.
Today police officers can pack cars at police stations which are not accident cars but their private vehicles, further their education, buy lands, build houses and take care of their family members? Say ayekoo to NDC.

Today young people are rushing to get employment at civil service and you can see young civil servants holding degrees ,masters and PHD’s ? Ghanaians say ayekoo to NDC. Gone are the days our fathers retire without having a piece of land or house and hardly send their children to universities.
Today police officers, Teachers, civil servants are all doing top up programs to acquire degrees, Masters, PHD etc.

Take note, NPP didn’t build one senior high school in Ghana before but we can today boast of one SHS taking over 3000 students at ago through huge infrastructure expansion in our various senior high schools couple with new senior high schools built by NDC government. Ghanaians say ayekoo to NDC.

Today if farmers can conveniently transport their food produce to cities for sale within few hours because of good roads say ayekoo to NDC.
Today if 125 new senior high schools has been added to our existing senior high schools right at the door step of most Ghanaians within 4 years in JDM government to accommodate children who were in the house because there were no vacancies for them in senior high schools, I think Ghanaians need to pray for NDC government and say ayekoo.

To be very frank to Ghanaians,
National Health Insurance as NPP is making noise about it to be social intervention program is not a social intervention program, it’s a contract between the citizens of Ghana and the government to contribute their money into government account annually so that when they are sick they can go to hospital free without paying anything but no, that is not the case, it’s rather a scheme to steal from the general public and put money into their private hospitals through dubious means.

Ghanaians can Individually decide to contribute to any private insurance companies and expect better service when they are sick. In this case if government make it a mandatory to coerced the general public to contribute annually towards their health needs and when the people fall sick and go to hospital and their health insurance cards does not cover 90% of the medicine they need to survive do u call this social intervention program or cheating the intelligence of the general public?

Today the so called social intervention free education is a way of stealing from the general public as usual. We know free SHS is costing Ghana about Ghc1.2 billion yet NPP is estimating over ghc 4 billion annually so is this free stealing or free SHS?

Do u know how many new SHS the ghc2.8 billion can build ? If it’s true that government is investing this huge sums of money into the free SHS then parents need not to suffer with green, gold, red double tracking system.

Today everything in Ghana is double track: hunger is double track, poverty is double track, job loses is double track, corruption is double track, hardship is double track, businesses collapsing is double track the country is retrogression in the highest speed beyond our reasonable doubt everybody is hot and things are basaa.

Every Ghanaian today is feeling the heat of economic hardship yet NPP said we should clap for them because there is money and enjoyment in the country. NPP is the only party that can steal you and still tell u that they are given u free gifts.

Say no to Nana Addo killer free free policies .