Press release NANA ADDO'S DISCRIMINATION AGAINST VOLTA REGION LEGENDARY By Volta NDC. The people of the Volta region feel saddened and discri

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Press release


By Volta NDC.

The people of the Volta region feel saddened and discriminated against by the projects mentioned by the NPP as response to the moment of Truth press conference held by the NDC.

The sadness of the people of the Volta region emanates from the assertion that all 275 constituencies in Ghana benefit from at least three IPEP projects namely warehouse, 10 seater toilet facility, community water system and a one village one dam project.

The Volta region sees this assertion by Mr. Nana Boakye as untrue and a misrepresentation of the facts on the ground as far as Volta region is concerned.

The faster the NPP appreciates the sovereignty of Truth, the better for the development of our dear nation.

For the two year period, twenty two (22) constituencies have not benefited from the three projects as claimed by the NPP during their press conference.

The three IPEP projects fall short in the following constituencies:
1. Anlo
2. Keta
3.Ketu South
4. South Tongu
5. North Tongu
6. Akatsi South
7. Central Tongu
8. Akatsi North
9. Agortime Ziope
10. Adaklu
11. South Dayi
12. North Dayi
13. Kpando
14. Buem
15. Biakoye
16. Akan
17. Nkwanta South
18. Nkwanta North
19. Krachi West
20. Krachi Nchumuru
21. Ho West
22. Afadzato South.

The above twenty two constituencies in the Volta region do not have the warehouse mentioned by Nana Boakye, the NPP national Youth Organizer.

We have however curiously noticed, the ministers who are part of the 111 in Nana Addo’s government from the Volta region have their constituencies benefiting from the warehouse namely,
Pious Enam and Kofi Dzamesi from Ketu North.
Dr. Letsa from Ho Central

Gyato from Krachi East

Peter Amewu- Hohoe.
This lends credence to Nana Addo’s discrimination against the Volta region.

The NPP have a history of discriminating against the Volta region when it comes to even the distribution of developmental projects hence the neglect of majority of the constituencies in the IPEP project is not surprising.
Should Voltarians be surprised?. The answer is an obvious no.
We recall with sorrow how the Kofi Annan peace keeping center which was originally designed to be located in Ho was relocated to Accra by an NPP government under former president Kuffour.

We demand the whereabout of the rest of the IPEP projects that make the $2million for each of the twenty two (22)constituencies for the two year period.

Nana Addo’s discrimination against the people of the Volta region have reached legendary levels. Evidence abounds that the NPP have neglected some projects with available funds for their (the abandoned projects) execution in the region.

Mention can be made of the construction of a 540 meter long cable steel bridge over the Volta river at Volivo and Dorfor Adidome in the Volta region, though the NDC government under former president Mahama secured a $100 million facility from the Japanese government for the construction of the steel bridge, it is abandoned by Nana Addo’s NPP government.

Again in the Volta region, the NPP have abandoned the phase three of the five districts Water Project. It is refreshing to note that the water treatment plant to distribute water to the five districts have been built and located at Adidome in the Central Tongu district under the Mahama NDC government. What is left is the phase three which has to do the distribution of the water to the five districts, again the NPP government is reluctant to access the rest of the facility from the Australian government to complete the project.

The neglect of the Volta region by the NPP has reached a legendary crescendo and the facts on the grounds point to this obvious fact. The NDC Volta chapter once again demands the where about of the rest of the IPEP projects meant for all constituencies in the Volta region.


Delali Kugbadzor.

Volta Regional NDC Dept. Communication officer.