Muslim groups commend gov’t, I. C. Quaye for ‘reasonable’ 2019 Hajj package

Muslim groups commend gov’t, I. C. Quaye for ‘reasonable’ 2019 Hajj package

Muslim Groups Ghana has commended the government and the Hajj Board Chairman, Sheikh I. C. Quaye for arriving at a reasonable fare of GHC19,500 for th

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Muslim Groups Ghana has commended the government and the Hajj Board Chairman, Sheikh I. C. Quaye for arriving at a reasonable fare of GHC19,500 for the 2019 hajj operations.

Members of the group said they are comfortable and appreciative of steps taken by the Akufo-Addo led government to make travelling for Hajj Pilgrimages much easier, comfortable and affordable.

The Muslim Groups Ghana includes Muslim Women Groups, Ghana Hajj Research, Zongo Broadcasters Live, Hajj Media Voice and Northerners and Zongo Concern Youths Association Ghana.

In an interview with the National Coordinator of the groups, Alhaji Abubakar Galaxy on whether or not the 2019 hajj package will favour the would-be pilgrims, he said despite the huge increments by the Saudi Arabia Authorities in charge of Hajj affairs, the Board led by Sheikh I.C Quaye and the government were able to arrive at GHC19,500, which to them is reasonable.

He said due to a research conducted by the Ghana Hajj Research over which price the hajj board will announce for prospective pilgrims for this year’s Hajj, it emerged that what Ghanaian pilgrims would be paying is quiet on the low side considering what others will pay in other countries.

He revealed that Ghana is the only country with the lowest hajj fare as compared to other Africa Countries and the world at large.

Alhaji Galaxy further revealed that upon their research the amount should have been much higher than what the board announced over the weekend, but added that the Hajj board has been much considerate to Ghanaian Muslims.

According to him, the current hajj board has encountered many challenges intense of taxations and new policies which led to the increments of this year’s hajj adding that transportation fare was increased by over 200%, accommodation, increased fare in Mina and Arafat fees as well as the introduction of VAT on all services.

These and many others, he indicated have compelled the Hajj Board to increase the fare for this year’s pilgrimage as compared to that of 2017 and 2018.

He said under the leadership of Sheikh I.C Quaye, many things have been added to the hajj package which includes free feeding in Madina, Makkah for over a month for all Ghanaian pilgrims which will hell to cushion the expenses of pilgrims.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Galaxy expressed his displeasure over how the current Hajj Board under the leadership of Sheikh I. C Quaye has been under many attack by faceless people in an efforts to sabotage and remove him out of office.

According to him, the announcement of the hajj package has triggered the faceless saboteurs to unleash their bid in ensuring the removal of Sheikh I.C Quaye.

Alhaji Galaxy further revealed that this faceless group is planning to stage a demonstration against the hajj board Chairman over this year’s fare and as well, issue a press statement to make the chairman and the Hajj Board unpopular.

He called on the so-call group to do proper checks and research before coming out to criticize the Hajj Chairman and government over this year’s package and wonder why people will play a tribal card with a holy institution like hajj by sabotaging the Chairman to pave way for their preferred candidate.

However, many Muslim Clerics from different sects and organizations have commended the Hajj Board led by Sheikh I.C Quaye for ensuring a successful hajj operation in the previous years.

These Clerics described Sheikh I.C Quaye as the best hajj board Chairman in the history of hajj affairs in Ghana and prayed that he continues to do his very best to ensure another successful hajj this year.

According to the Clerics, Sheikh I.C Quaye is the only hajj board Chairman who was able to airlift all passengers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fed the pilgrims with three square meals each day, which reduced the greater burden on pilgrims.

By: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha/