Isaac Kyei Andoh: My take on ShataStone VGMA Fracas

Isaac Kyei Andoh: My take on ShataStone VGMA Fracas

Stonebwoy made no mistake by pulling a gun in the midst of that chaos and a clear case of failed security. Registered guns are meant for places lik

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Stonebwoy made no mistake by pulling a gun in the midst of that chaos and a clear case of failed security.

Registered guns are meant for places like this where you know not what to expect and with ‘enemies’ around. Shata may not hate Stone B, it may be his strategy to keep his brand in the spotlight but many of his fans do and he does little to control this.

If Shata didn’t move to the stage with a mob for whatever reason and Stonebwoy went for his award and all that, no one would have known that someone was there with a gun. I bet there were many people with guns in there but none had the cause to take it out.

Stonebwoy was provoked to show his defence to thwart an enemy, that is not a crime even in a crowd of 2000. He pointed his gun at nobody, he didn’t threaten anybody: he just showed people that he cannot be hurt.

People have problems because they saw a gun, there are no rules against self defense.

You can blame organizers for security lapses but you cannot blame Stonebwoy for pulling out a gun. He had to pull the gun, he had to show people that he had left no stone unturned.

I still hold on to the fact that Shata didn’t go there to hurt Stonebwoy.

However, he didn’t act with a dot of wisdom.

Who goes to share in the moment of another, an opponent in this case with a mob?

I bet if Shata went up stage alone, smiling towards Stonebwoy, the scenario would have been different. But why go with a crowd?

This kind of mob mentality in the music industry now should give way. It is nkurasesem.

The other thing is, why not just retreat if the person you want to congratulate isn’t receptive? Why fightback?

You didn’t make time for your own awards but wanted to force yourself into the moment of another.

Who does that.

Also, Shata should stop this hypocrisy, you don’t use every platform to call people names, attack their personalities including their families and when it is convenient, call for unity is outdated.

You tease a guy with his physical challenge, accuse him of killing his mum and do all manner of things in the name of showbiz and not expect him to prepare and even anticipate what’s good gesture from you as evil?

Stonebwoy’s wife was reported to have been attacked at his own event in Ashaiman last year, he will be stupid not to prepare when he is out and especially when his main rival is around.

He made a statement that he cannot be bullied forever, what needs to be done is for the state’s security handlers to take over the matter and as soon as possible, nip it in the bud.

VGMA however cannot punish both artist in equal measure unless there is a clear guideline known to award recipients that they are not to take guns to the event.

Shata should be held responsible for this, it wasn’t his moment, he needed permission to be there on that stage. When he was resisted, he should have retreated

It’s him who marred the show.

Stonebwoy did nothing whatsoever wrong: NOTHING.

At this stage, I expected Shata to in an untypical fashion, explain his motive and render apology for his actions being misconstrued.

Unfortunately, at his man-child best, he is still trying to prove a point.

He will present himself as the victim here and get adults believing him.

Equally sharing the blame between Shata and Stone B is wrong, it was Shata’s doing, it was he who pulled a PR blunder.

Pulling a gun and holding it to tell the person making advances towards you that he won’t have his way isn’t wrong.

He should however provide proof that the gun is a registered one, if he fails to, the law should deal squarely with him for possessing arm illegally