Happy Valentine Arrogant Martin Amidu, the Referendum Non-Zombie

Happy Valentine Arrogant Martin Amidu, the Referendum Non-Zombie

SP Martin A.B.K Amidu, Special Perception Prosecutor, Greetings from Binduri. SP, or should I say Special Poison! A woman can claim virgini

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Assibid Dauda

SP Martin A.B.K Amidu,
Special Perception Prosecutor,

Greetings from Binduri.

SP, or should I say Special Poison! A woman can claim virginity until gynecologists confirm her protruded stomach is not a result of fibroid but a pregnancy. Similarly, if a cockroach decides to dance in fire, his death is inevitable.

I watched your much-touted vetting yesterday, if for nothing at all, to listen objectively to be able to form an opinion as to your chances of succeeding as a [ads1]Special Prosecutor. However, what I gathered was rather so bizarre, you proved beyond reasonable doubts that you are going to be an Independent Perception Prosecutor, not an independent special prosecutor.

I was particularly shocked at your angry arrogance. You said we all love you so much so that if your appointment were subjected to a referendum, the result would be overwhelming. Well, your vetting showed you were actually living in a fool’s paradise. You had the referendum actually and the result is not what you projected. It was an overwhelming disapproval of an untamed wild tiger charging at everything.

You have shown us how stubborn, disrespectful, arrogant, pompous and behaviourally unbalanced you are. The party that appointed you is quickly regretting letting loose a suicide tiger. Your first salvo is interesting. “Any lawyer who blindly takes instructions from an AG is a zombie”? I bet you cannot tell this to any grown elephant. Get ready to resign soon.

Now to your numerous corruption allegations you leveled against Former President John Dramani Mahama and his appointees. You made the whole country believe he is so corrupt that it will be easy to throw him to the gallows immediately you assume this position. However like your primus inter pares who appointed you, you have become a chorister; rehearsed and sang perfectly the special NPP Hymn 101, PERCEPTION. I watched you shamefully fail to substantiate any of your spurious claims disappointingly. Jesus Christ was right when he admonished we shouldn’t cast what is holy to the dogs. Neither should we cast our pearls to swines, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear us into pieces.

Was that supposed to be a joke or something? You tarnished public office holder’s image and then claim it was just based on “perceptions”? Now that you’re passed as SP, are you going to base your prosecution on perceptions? Interesting times ahead and we shall patiently wait to see how you go about revenging through a state machinery.

It also appeared you have said a lot of things to the extent that you don’t seem to remember all that you said. Very unfortunate but this is what happens when you allow your mouth to work faster than your brain. What quickly baffled me was when I almost assumed your mental faculty was on a temporal suspension.

In fact, Dr. Yaw Obed Asamoah was right when he said: “the most fruitless ticket of the NDC was Prof Mills allowing Martin Amidu to partner him in election 2000”. At no point in time would this critic ever be appreciated than now. God bless Dr. Yaw Obed Asamoah.

I also gathered that you are not pretty sure of your chances of succeeding on the job but you’re in to try your luck. So I asked myself, so ‘our try me president’ has also appointed someone to also try himself as the special prosecutor? The era of trying me is here and Ghanaians must embrace it.

One thing was also evident, you are a bitter man. So reactionary. You are bound to fail if you work with this kind of temperament. Your unbridled bitterness against JM and your quest for vengeance against folks from the NDC was severely exposed yesterday. How members of the Minority’s questions were approached summed it all. How a quick-tempered character of your kind was appointed for a sensitive position like the SP still defies logic.

Kennedy Agyepong has already diagnosed your malady. Such a position requires a character with moderation. Barking like a rabies-infected dog who just saw a ghost at dawn against corruption doesn’t make one anti-corrupt, it could be maybe you don’t have the opportunity to do so. Remember you only have perceptions!

Take the bitterness out if you really want to prove a point in this bleak journey of mission impossible you want to embark upon. Beware of the Elephants too. They won’t be tolerant of you the way the NDC was. I’m not a doomsayer but I’m tempted to say you might lose your life.

No matter how long the hippopotamus stays in the forest, it can never become an elephant. They don’t care how you helped them win power, they will completely annihilate you if you dare them. For me, they have a lot to fear from you than the NDC former appointees if you are really committed to the course judging from the circumstances that gave birth to the UP tradition. A group of Cartels founded their tradition and they can hardly depart from their cartel maneuvers.

Till our paths cross again, bye for now.

Am yours,

The Binduri Youth Activist.

Assibid Dauda