In an effort to make this world a better place according to us, we have turned this world upside down right from its tangibles to abstract. The questi

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In an effort to make this world a better place according to us, we have turned this world upside down right from its tangibles to abstract. The question is, have we achieved the better world man dearly craves?

Science and modernization took away our natural life and replaced it with a superficial one that seems so good from afar but gives very little gratification to even the souls that succeed in attaining them. Don’t [ads1]deceive yourself that Osei Kwame Despite or Bill Gates is happier than the people you see in this pic were.

Science is overrated, modernity over celebrated and our natural way of living, I mean the right way rather deemed barbaric. It has succeeded in making things that are supposed to want pressing needs we just can’t do without.

Science and modernity has hurt this world than it has offered.

When you look at roads and aeroplanes and the magnificent edifices, you’d be tempted into thinking that science and modernization have made this world better but in truth, it has worsened it.

You see, we lived in mud houses and sometimes under trees, but we were always together with the people who really mattered.

People died in the arms of family, no one went to bed without food.

Life was not just about the nuclear family, it was about the community.

The father of Kweku contributed to the upbringing of the son of Agya Adu.

Yes, back in the days, a stranger could discipline a kid for going wrong and the kid’s dad will be glad.

Today, down to modernity, while one tenant dumps food in the trashcan, his next-door neighbor prepares to sleep on an empty stomach.

We have built houses with sliding windows, blocked the natural air from entering and we are replacing that with the air-conditioner because that’s is trendy.

We’ve lost touch with the moon that gave us beautiful light at night to augment the beautiful folktale told under the warmth of fire.

What science has successfully done is to take away our natural way of living and replaced it with an ugly superficial one clouded with make-up.

We have destroyed our water bodies in effort to extract the gold in it to be able to drive the Lamborghini that takes us as far as bringing us back home or killing us along the way.

You see, we didn’t need to travel to New York to meet any standard of living, it was okay to be born in Okere, grow in Okere and die at Okere.

Today, as grandma lives at Kade, grandson hustles at Leeds to provide for the family in Accra.

Young ladies are opening their legs to get an iPhone, young guys are telling lies behind computers, resorting to ritual killings to be able to afford Hennessey. We have even forgotten that l palm wine is better, better but you see, it hasn’t undergone scientific research so it is undervalued.

This is what science and modernization has reduced this world to. As far as I’m concerned, it has caused more harm than good.

It’s better to die in ignorance than yet die while knowledge abounds. This is the problem with this world and this generation, we know it all but can’t add a minute to our days on this earth. Truth is, we are not even living longer than the days when we were deemed brainless.

Science and modernity have led us in an endless search for solutions but our problems keep compounding by the day.

We eat genetically modified foods, junk foods in cans able to last half a decade and find ourselves on dialysis in search of a few more years.

Today, we think it is an achievement to be in Savelugu and speak to a brother at Sydney. We take delight in seeing millions of people by the click of buttom. But no, as we watch the screen of our phones and computers to interact with people who can’t touch us, we ignore those we share the bed with, we ignore those who can hug us when need be. We have moved from real relationship to phone based one. This is definitely not better. In the midst of so much entertainment, we are yet lonelier than ever.

The problems created by the search for solutions far eclipse the problems we sort to solve.

Imagine Christians fellowshipping in small family groups under the tree in the middle of the house with fire warming their bodies without the noise of instruments and the dominant voice of one man who speaks without being questioned standing 70 meters away from the man seated at the back. At least, the elder of that family congregation would know every member by name.

Sometimes, after a critical observation, knowledge is indeed a poison to the proper way of living. What is the proper way of living? Getting food to eat, always, getting a place to lay, getting water to drink, breathing pure air brewed by trees and being with family and all who matter. In a nutshell, the proper way of living is living naturally

Unfortunately, the world can’t go back to this life again, pressing the reverse bottom is an exercise in futility, we are all left with no choice than to compete, run with the moment and draw further away from the beautiful natural world that didn’t need electricity and gas to power the machines that emit carbon monoxide to destroy our lungs.

Man used to be okay without the things we cherish now.

So sad that I can’t do without a phone.

It wasn’t always so.

Isaac Kyei Andoh