Godwin Ako Gunn writes: VOTING HAS CONSEQUENCESGodwin Ako Gunn, NDC Deputy Communications Officer


I have read, listened and watched people, mostly on social media saying they will not worry themselves going to queue to vote in 2020. I understand th

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I have read, listened and watched people, mostly on social media saying they will not worry themselves going to queue to vote in 2020. I understand their disappointments; but ask yourself first, what you bargained for.

I am sad for the family of the young lady from GCB bank who committed suicide. I don’t know the party she campaigned or voted for, but the result of the current administration has forced her to end her life because she can not stand the shame of begging for bread.

Sitting at home when the clock is past 8am. Voting indeed has consequences.

Last year, a 70-year-old man was driven from hospital to hospital, looking for a hospital with an available bed to admit him to save his life, he moved to 7 hospitals and all of them refused him with the excuse that there is no bed, eventually, he died on his way, while the Legon, Kasoa and many hospitals are sitting idle with beds in them, just because someone says he will not open them for public use because he didn’t build them.

Again I don’t know the political ideology of this nobleman, I can only say voting has consequences.

I saw in 2016, nurses stepping on NDC T-shirts because the NDC was building hospitals, clinics and CHP compounds for them to work in after school instead of using the money to pay their allowance. I have seen them a couple of times picketing at the health ministry asking to be posted. The allowances are not being paid, and their postings too have been refused. Voting has consequences.

Many didn’t appreciate the dugouts that they saw NDC construct because they have been promised a dam, today 3 children have lost their lives through these “ponds” that are being called dams today. Voting has consequences

Today, a former bank manager is finding solace and trying to keep body and soul together by grilling pork for sale, despite his Islamic believes, man must survive. Voting has consequences.

My friend, It is not just enough shouting political slogan; politics can transform a life in a minute. Negative to positive and the inverse can also be true.

Political power must benefit majority of the people, today, big men under the previous administration have turned errand boys because of job lost.

Some have fallen from radio show hosts, producers disc jockeys to motivational speakers with no salaries.

From edwumawura to efiewura, indeed voting has consequences.

For my friends, known and unknown, who have decided not to vote because affliction must not come for a second time, kindly rethink. If you don’t vote others will. They will make a miserable decision for you and you can’t complain. Never forget, their vote will have consequences for you .

Stand up and be counted, let right the wrongs !!! Let the world know politicians are not the same, some come to work, protect your jobs. Others come to enjoy their lives, hire planes, tour the world to fulfil their childhood dreams. The status quo must change.

Be assured, there are better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun