GH¢4.5m scandal: Korsi Senyo clashes with Registrar General’s Lawyer on Adom FM (VIDEO)

"if indeed the Registrar General was using G.K Asiamah's same 1971 will as the basis to allot shares then why was late "Nii Asiamah" who was mentioned in the will removed from the shareholders. Why was the name "Kofi Sammy" - Korsi Senyo

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Korsi Senyo releases explosive investigative report on Registrar General

Investigative Journalist, Korsi Senyo has clashed with the legal adviser of Registrar General and Official Liquidator of Toku Company Ltd, Mr. George Kofi Bekai over the GH¢4.5m scandal uncovered at the Registrar General’s Department.

Adom FM’s anti-corruption programme, Fabeworso hosted by Captain Smart was on fire with the investigative journalist who totally disagreed with the lawyer. Insisting that, there were several issues that went wrong during the liquidation process. But the lawyer maintained that they did the work according to the law.

Korsi Senyo aversed that, it was wrong for the alleged 50% percent shares of late George Kwaku Asiamah in Toku Motors to dissolve to his children, wives, and grandchildren. According to him, the Registrar General and the petitioner in the liquidation process got it wrong because the late G.K. Asiamah’s WILL never stated so. Referring to Clause 2 of the 1971 will, Korsi Senyo said, “the will of the late G.K. Asiamah never stated that, what so ever shares he has in his companies should dissolve to his children, grandchildren and the people mentioned in the WILL. He said that the companies be run by the Board of Directors and what so ever profit accruing be shared”.

Mr. Ahlidza, who is a Consultant to the Registrar General, and the Liquidator of Toku Company disagrees with Korsi Senyo. Saying that his assertions are wrong in accounting terms.

Korsi Senyo totally dismissed the claim that, the WILL was used as the basis for the allocation of shares stating that,  “if indeed the Registrar General was using G.K Asiamah’s same 1971 will as the basis to allot shares, then why was the late “Nii Asiamah” who was mentioned in the WILL, removed from the shareholders. And why was the name “Kofi Sammy” added.?

By the way,

Who ls Kofi Sammy.?

Which of the names is his surname.?

Is it Kofi or Sammy.?


Source: | Awake Investigates