Dr. Lawrence writes: NDC should be very careful – Part II

Dr. Lawrence writes: NDC should be very careful – Part II

I wrote the Part I on the above subject about two weeks ago which was published by Daily Post and also picked up by other news broadcasts. I touched o

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I wrote the Part I on the above subject about two weeks ago which was published by Daily Post and also picked up by other news broadcasts. I touched on things Nana Akufo can use to rig the 2020 elections including the Jean Mensah factor; the Ghana card factor; the Supreme Court factor, the invisible/Delta force factor, the IT factor and other factors.

This part will deal with things the NDC are doing that is taking their eyes off the ball. We must admit that this long internal elections by the NDC is not helping our preparations to win power in 2020. How many times has the Presidential primaries been postponed? Have we settled on the date for the parliamentary primaries? The more the primaries are prolonged, it gives the candidates the chance to say things that are not healthy for NDC and Ghana but healthy for NPP. The more NDC is focused on their primaries, the more they give the NPP extra space to put their diabolic plans to win 2020 in place. Let me give examples:

The host of Pampaso Show on Radio Gold, Samuel Hontor read a piece on his show which stated that the NPP are registering Ivorians and people in Abosso and other towns in Ivory Coast for Ghana Card to come and vote in 2020. The NPP used to accuse the NDC of registering people in neighboring countries to rig election, but because of the long internal elections by the NDC, the NPP is taking over from the NDC. I mentioned the Ghana Card factor in my first article.

Samuel Hontor also alleged that some NPP members are guaranteeing for some minors to register for the Ghana Card in Madina, Accra. All these actions are going on at the blind side of NDC. I stated in the first article that the NDC should come clear on our position on the Ghana Card. I said Nana Addo hinted in USA that the Ghana card will be used to vote in election 2020. There are indications that the NPP will factor-in the Ghana card in their winning strategy for election 2020 and NDC should not sleep on the job. At least, we have all our Executives up to the national level in place. They should be seen working on how they will counter the rigging strategy of the NPP.

Last week, the Electoral Commissioner changed the logo of the commission and gave further directives on it. Does the NDC know what all these mean? Is the NDC assuming that Jean Mensah is doing all these as part of her normal course of doing her duties? As Nana Addo has appointed Jean Mensah and her two deputies, nothing that goes on at the Electoral Commission should be taken for granted. NDC should be wary of the Jean Mensah factor in election 2020.

Fellow NDC members, NDC will not need to campaign if we can counter the rigging machinery of the NPP. The suffering masses in the 53% are already campaigning for us. On the other hand, NDC can campaign all we want but if we allow the NPP to gradually put their rigging machinery in place ahead of 2020, Ghana will suffer because the grassroots will never allow the will of the people to overturn. The NPP and Nana Addo are mismanaging the country and misplacing their priorities because they think voting on Election Day will not matter.

NDC should be very careful not to allow this internal election to take their eyes off the ball. I heard the date of the parliamentary primaries is also not settled. Little little of such mistakes, make a mighty ocean. NDC should not think the NPP will do something big to rig election 2020. Their rigging strategy is already on the ground. A word to the wise ……….
By the way, are we sure Dr. Bawumiah was fully discharged from his UK hospital?
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