Destroying The NDC’s World Bank: A Case of An Octogenarian Cabal in Volta

Destroying The NDC’s World Bank: A Case of An Octogenarian Cabal in Volta

The self-destruction button has been pressed so hard, and the alarm bells are ringing loudly in the Volta region. The reason for this ungodly move by

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The self-destruction button has been pressed so hard, and the alarm bells are ringing loudly in the Volta region. The reason for this ungodly move by some individuals is simple; clip the wings of a gang of seven young dynamic MPs from the Volta region and destroy their political future.

This unprovoked onslaught is occasioned by an inordinate desire of an octogenarian cabal headed by a former speaker of Ghana’s parliament in close collaboration with some Volta regional executives who are determined to see seven young MPs out of the legislature in 2021. The crime of these MPs is summed up in one sentence – they are becoming too popular and powerful in the NDC and must therefore be voted against by the delegates in the party’s forthcoming parliamentary primaries at all cost. This they are determined to do by using a number of strategies, top among them are the use of cash, logistics, obscurantism and pure vilification. This might sound weird at first glance but it is the sad reality on the ground.

Participatory democracy is good and must be promoted by all social democratic parties such as the National Democratic Congress. It is particularly so when a party which prides itself as one borne out of a revolution. Copying alien practices from unprincipled groupings and, or political parties would only lead to a quicker demise of the party and its total obliteration from its strong hold, the Volta region.

It has been observed from the constituencies of these seven MPs that their political future is under siege by this mafia group. One thing that stands out in these seven constituencies is that a so called powerful party ‘gurus’ are determined to make sure that these young MPs do not return to the august house come 7th January 2021. The MPs who are at the receiving end of this self-seeking and wicked cabal include Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa (North Tongu), Hon. Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah (Ho West), Hon. Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor (South Dayi), Hon. Kwame Governs Agbodza (Adaklu), Hon. Bernard Ahiafor (Akatsi South) and Hon. Hon Gabby Alexandra Hottordze(Central Tongu) Angela Alorwu Tay (Afadzato South).

These MPs have been marked as endangered species within the umbrella family for which reason all kinds of resources are being marshalled from the stables of the octogenarian cabal towards outright purchase of delegates in their respective constituencies during the forthcoming primaries.
A common sense question that keeps recurring however is; what the heck is the motivation of individuals who are in the twilights of their lives to be scheming against these young politicians in such a callous manner? It is often said that old age is a blessing to society. For some strange reason however, the NDC, particularly in the Volta region seems to be confronted with an ‘inverted retrograde version’ of this beautiful axiom. We have a situation now where the aged who think they are ‘powerful’ in the party simply gang up to do the exact opposite of what maturity dictates.

The most unfortunate thing in all the machinations is that they are using the name of an innocent man in the person of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama as the one who is pushing for the heads of these young MPs. They want the delegates to swallow this bogus idea that President Mahama is unable to work with the aforementioned MPs hence his decision to use this evil cabal to thwart their re-election bids. How can it be lost on the discerning members of the NDC in the Volta region that MPs like Kwame Agbodza, Okujeto Ablakwa, Gabby Alexandra Hottordze,Angela Tay, Rockson Dafeamekpor, Bernard Ahiafor led by the chairman for Volta caucus MPs Emmanuel Bedzrah openly championed and indeed whipped their fellow MPs to massively endorse president Mahama for his second term bid. Isn’t it strange that this evil cult would want to use the name and office of the former president to perpetuate this unintelligent fraud on the NDC simply because of over-bloated ego and greed?

A word of caution to this cabal is a quote from the legendary reggae icon Robert Nesta Marley, “you can fool some of the people sometimes, but cannot fool all the people all the time”. They may have succeeded in destroying President Mahama by employing this same tactic while he was president but never again would they get away with a similar agenda. A situation where most of this gang of seven except Okujeto were packaged and presented to the ex-president as MPs who hated him soo much for which reason they were never considered in his appointments regardless of their contributions to the party.

Times have changed and no amount of macheaveilean manoeuvrings would be countenanced. Those group of young men working at the office of the former president Mahama who think they can dance to any music by this occult octogenarian club must get ready to face the wrath of the youth particularly in the Volta region this time around. They did this in the past which brought the party into opposition with the biggest defeat in our recent political history. This time around, they must know that President Mahama deserves to rule the country again and any scheme by them to play the same old vindictive game by virtue of where they work would be met with brute force.

No comedy again!

The young people in the Volta region are watching their back with eagle eyes, and they would not hesitate to strike them down together with their generations. We must not and shall not allow any old man in the NDC to destroy the party particularly in the Volta region. We are aware they are collaborating with a similar cabal from the western part of the country in executing this backward agenda. We shall expose them to the delegates using all available means. Enough is enough! The NDC has suffered for far too long in its ‘world bank’ at the hands of this microscopic few who think they are powerful and are therefore ready to destroy any upcoming youth from rising. They should get ready because we are tired of their modus operandi and would fight tooth and nail to see our promising politicians also rise to the levels of the Bagbin’s, Harunas and Mensah Bonsos in the Volta region. Practicing democracy should not mean that oldmen can use some few young men to engage in subterfuge to destroy their fellows. President Mahama would not be used this time around in this evil enterprise. We would resist with all our might forever more.

Long live the NDC

Volta for Truth and Integrity

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