Bawumia Is Either Confused or Liar Extraordinaire – PART 1

Bawumia Is Either Confused or Liar Extraordinaire – PART 1

Dr Bawumia can put out all the propaganda theories under this sun and can put out all the cheap lies in his belly the facts will still remain unch

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Dr. Muhammad Bawumia

Dr Bawumia can put out all the propaganda theories under this sun and can put out all the cheap lies in his belly the facts will still remain unchanged -President Akufo Addo and John Mahama are incomparable in terms of accomplishment in government. In terms of corporate experience, John Mahama has more to show than Akufo Addo, and [ads1]Bawumia combined.

Each time Bawumia and his cohorts are comparing Akufo Addo his accomplishment, action, performance in government and personality with John Mahama, it only amounts to envy on the part of the President and his praise singers and they make Mahama more popular and get the suffering masses angrier. The Akufo Addo government can best be labeled as that of waste and corruption. The high unemployment and poverty rate is as a result of the waste and corruption in the system which the President and his party promised would address if elected.

Ghanaians have started asking themselves why they voted for this incompetent bunch of souls. The expression of disappointment and despondence cut could be felt across the country. Known NPP supporters and sympathizers have joined the disappointment crusade. The government led by the Vice President Dr Bawumia has resorted to using of psychological warfare to manage the anger and expression being expressed across the country. Their latest agenda is the cost and fake public purse protection sermon. The idea is to rubbish achievements of the former administration and incite the public against the administration. The Akufo Addo government has added Ghc 28 billion to the public debt with nothing to show as justification for the addition.

The government has so far reneged on promises they made in opposition. In the run-up to the 2016 election, President Akufo Addo and his NPP promised Ghanaians to change through many policies, programmes, and interventions, as contained in their covenant with Ghanaians as contained in the party’s manifesto. These were some of the promises they made in opposition


Promised to eliminate corruption from all public institutions. The President promised Ghanaians will sack his appointees found guilty of corruption.


Corruption has increased since the new administration took over. Transparency International and other organizations confirmed this assertion in their latest report on corruption in Ghana. Ghana dropped in terms of performance in Transparency International’s latest rating. This was as a result of these scandals

-Cash-for-seat scandal

-Bost Scandal

-The US$$2.25 bond scandal

-US$134 million oil deal

-$20,000 to 30,000 gate fee charged at the Presidency

-Ghc 800,000 website installation

-US$15million digital addressing system

-$36million Ultramodern pharmaceutical company in Gabon

Apart from these scandals which dominated media discussions in the country and some international media platforms, the administration has been hit with other mind boggling scandals recently including

-The Gifty Klenam scandal. She paid herself $132,000 as rent allowance covering a period of two years and also paid herself US$10,000 for her clothes. She bought for herself and her deputies customized vehicles.

-The US$1.42 billion National ID scandal

-The Kelni GVG scandal

-The US$547 million oil and gas deal

-The £600,000 cantoment mansion

-The army worm drug scandal

-Sale of state lands

-The Korle Bu Scandal involving the two deputy chiefs of Staff.

-The complicity of the President and his Vice in the Anas investigation.

-The National Service Secretariat and free zones board scandals etc.


The Npp led by candidate Akufo Addo promised they will cut cost to protect the public purse


The President appointed 110 the highest figure in the history of the country.
-Appointed 999 staffers at the Presidency the biggest number in the history of Ghana.

-Allocated Ghc 1.5 billion to the Presidency in 2017 and Ghc 1.9 billion in 2018.- the biggest amount allocated to the Presidency in the history of Ghana. The total amount allocated to the Presidency the whole four years of the Mahama administration is less than Ghc 1.5 billion.

The government has purchased customized vehicles for the Presidency and other state agencies.

-About 12,599 special assistants have been appointed to support government appointees

-Presidency gave Ghc 5 billion (old cedis) to party for its congress.

-Close to about 800 journalists are being paid by the government as part of its propaganda agenda.


The Npp led by candidate Akufo Addo promised unemployed youth in the country instant jobs if elected. The Mahama Administration before the 2016 election had put out certain strategic measures which opened the system up for absorbing of our youth into the job market. The YES concept and the YEA concepts had begun absorbing some of the unemployed folks. The new schools, hospitals, road construction etc had begun offering jobs to the youth. The administration introduced the students’ loan scheme to help address admission deficit in our colleges and also enable the government to create more outlets to absorb new graduates. These policies were vehemently condemned by the Npp who promised instant jobs


The target of creation of millions of new jobs through the one district one factory, one village one dam is yet to come to fruition.

-Unemployment rate has increased significantly over the last 18 months under Akufo Addo

-Newly graduated nurses are still picketing at the Health ministry to be employed

-Newly trained doctors are still at home waiting to be employed

-Many businesses have collapsed because of government’s bad policies increasing the unemployment rate

-The unplanned and hastily implemented anti galamsey operations has worsened the situation

-Companies are laying off their works because of production and sales challenges

-Banks are collapsing.

-Our youth in agriculture are deserting the sector because of challenges in the sector.

The Mahama Administration introduced the free fertilizer and seedling policy which made agriculture attractive to the youth. The administration built modern schools, hospitals, and chops compounds in the farming communities to reduce the rural-urban drift. The Akufo Addo administration canceled these policies.


Candidate Akufo Addo and his NPP promised that they will ensure that no Ghanaian will have a reason to go outside of the country for medical treatment. And described the training loan scheme as a wicked policy.


The President and his Vice themselves have not kept the promise. In the past eighteen months, they have gone out more than 10 times combined to seek for medical treatment. Some of his appointees fly on first-class London and Dubai to consult an ear, nose and throat specialists. The Vice President himself was recently in London for a medical checkup.

-Ghana is losing billions of cedis as result of this government’s refusal to open ultramodern hospitals built by the Mahama administration. Ghanaians have started agitating strongly against lack of beds in our hospitals. Meanwhile, we have thousands of beds locked up in the new hospitals.

-The National Health Insurance Scheme is collapsing. Funds meant for providers are being channeled into other sectors. Under Mahama, the outpatient utilization of the NHIS rose from 29.6 million from 597,000 in 2005 and contrary to falsehood being peddled by government communicators, the National Health Insurance Authority paid an unprecedented Ghc 1.073 billion in claims in 2014 alone and comparatively the claims payment in 2005 and 2014 alone represented a 14,018.4% in the increase.

-Newly trained nurses are still picketing to be employed and government’s response was unleashing of armed police with their dog on them at the Health ministry.

-Latest W.H.O report revealed that Infant mortality, Child mortality have increased in the last 10 months in Ghana

Before they exit, the Mahama administration successfully placed Ghana above all countries in the sub-region in terms of human development index, water and electricity provision etc.


Candidate Akufo Addo and his NPP accused President Mahama of nepotism without providing one concrete evidence to support their claim. He promised Will not run a family and friends government.


He has so far appointed 51 close relatives into his administration including his daughter

-All the important ministries including the Finance ministry and Works and housing ministries are being handled by his cousins.

-He has appointed his daughter, his former wife, his daughter in law and in-laws into his administration. His Vice has appointed his brother in law, his father in law and other family members into the administration unprecedented in the history of Ghana.