This is a new trend of fraud being perpetuated. This number (+22962599948) called yesterday, I was not with the phone then so could not pick. Short

This is a new trend of fraud being perpetuated.

This number (+22962599948) called yesterday, I was not with the phone then so could not pick. Shortly, I got this SMS (Your decent profile has won you an award. Contact for details at: Thanks. Pastor. Van .toni) and I called back and the person introduced himself as a Pastor from Benin.

[ads1]His message was that my profile has won me an award and that I should send him an email via this address so he can send me the award details.

Instantly I noticed it was a fraud as I have been an award events organizer myself and served on many award giving committees.

But I send the email ” Please send me the details for the awards. Thanks”.

The following day, I got the below reply. The person then called me to check if I had received his email.


Dear sir,

This is to affirm the receipt of your brief message in response to my SMS directives to you of yesterday.

Be informed that your decent background and personality impressed us to introduce you to  the a humanitarian promoter of  GLOBAL PEACE & SECURITY his periodical financial award to deserving professionals and some people with decent background and outstanding personality.

We are so proud of your personality and urge you to keep doing your best.

Meanwhile, we take the pleasure to inform you that you have been awarded the maximum of US$250,000; by the humanitarian GLOBAL PEACE & SECURITY PROMOTER in recorgnition of your outstanding personality.

You won the fund awarded to you through internet based promotional lottery conducted through random sellection of over 200,000; email addresses.

The purpose of the fund awarded to you is to  multivate you to further the GLOBAL PEACE & SECURITY initiatives towards achieving a decent soceity, global peace and security to reduce the rate of illitracy, violent crime, war and  indecent acts in the global community.

You should contact the disbursement agent and reconfirm to him your full name, nationality, occupation and mobile phone numbers through his email address presented at a glance below:-


Request him to confirm to you the proceedure to release the fund awarded to you by any method at his disposal. Administratively,  you will be required to provide him between a minimum of  US$38; and a maximum of US$199; as payment processing fee. However, you should request him to confirm to you the exact amount of the required processing fee.

You may keep us communicated of all developments until you receive the fund awarded to you.

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Pastor. Van Toni.
Pastor. Magin Noel-Colleague
(Human Right Activist  Foreign Missionaries).


Why this is a fraud?

  • No award of such magnitude will be organized without website, jury, partner organizations etc
  • How can global peace award be done in an online lottery form
  • The quoted a huge benefit with a small commitment from you to convince you to send that small amount
  • etc….. please this is a fraud